diffuse-interface methods in fluid mechanics - Annual Reviews

for an isothermal, incompressible flow using microforce balance laws. Jasnow. & Vi ˜nals (1996) ... gent transport coefficients at critical points. Phys. Rev. Lett.

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diffuse-interface methods in fluid mechanics - Annual Reviews


for an isothermal, incompressible flow using microforce balance laws. Jasnow. & Vi ˜nals (1996) ... gent transport coefficients at critical points. Phys. Rev. Lett.

An Introduction to Fluid Mechanics: Supplemental Web Appendices


5 Nov 2013 ... 8: The double integral allows us to calculate the mass flow rate through a flat sur- face. In locations where the velocity is not perpendicular to the ...

Diffuse-Interface Two-Phase Flow Models with Different Densities: A ...


21 Jul 2017 ... based on a microforce balance, Phys. ... gent finite-difference scheme for the phase field crystal equation, SIAM J. Numer. Anal., 47 (2009), pp.

The physics of hearing: fluid mechanics and the active ... - arXiv


Subject classification numbers (PACS): 87.19.lt, 87.18.Vf, 05.10.-a, 47.60.Dx ... membrane segment (red shading) of the width of one hair cell, about 8 µm, can accordingly be ... space engineering, and geophysics—"with a stream of elegant and ... Veigel C, Coluccio L M, Jontes J D, Sparrow J C, Milligan R A and Molloy J E ...

Basic Fluid Mechanics Major losses, Colebrook-White equation ...


23 Nov 2015 ... Jain equation, Moody diagram, minor losses). Assist. Prof. Neslihan SEMERCİ. Marmara University. Department of Environmental Engineering.

A mechanics solution for predicting the durability and bond interface ...


20 Feb 2017 ... or heat deflection temperature of the adhesive (Blontrock et al. 2002; Wu et al. 2004 ... Wilhelm Ernst & Sohn, Berlin, Germany. Foster, S., and ...

Moment-of-fluid interface reconstruction - Center for Nonlinear Studies


one better not count on this fact in a real life cal- culation: miscellaneous discretization and round-off errors may cause the input data to be inconsistent.

Coupling level set/VOF/ghost fluid methods - CiteSeerX


33 2 32 95 36 17; fax: 33 2 32 91 04 85. E-mail address: [email protected] (A. Berlemont). International Journal of Multiphase Flow 33 (2007) 510–524.

Coupling level set/VOF/ghost fluid methods: Validation ... - CiteSeerX


33 2 32 95 36 17; fax: 33 2 32 91 04 85. E-mail address: [email protected] (A. Berlemont). International Journal of Multiphase Flow 33 (2007) 510–524.

Hybrid high-order methods for interface problems - TEL


17 Dec 2018 ... suffisement de précision la séparation de phase. En effet, des zones à fort gradient sont présentes près de l'interface, et si l'on considère le ...

Machine Learning Methods of the Berlin Brain-Computer Interface


Carmen Vidaurre ∗ Claudia Sannelli ∗ Wojciech Samek ∗∗. Sven Dähne ∗ Klaus-Robert Müller ∗,∗∗∗. ∗ Berlin University of Technology, Machine Learning ...

2018 Mechanics Bank Annual Report


26 Mar 2019 ... Reflecting our strong performance, net income for the year reached a record $52 ... value-added mobile services such as mobile check deposit, ...

International Jazz News CD Reviews Book Reviews DVD Reviews ...


31 Jan 2009 ... Brazilian Jazz with original music by Antonio Adolfo & partners. Produced ... __ CJ 2567 Bix, Louis, Jelly Roll - ... A 'WINkEL IN TIME / SLOPED.

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11 Jul 2018 ... B Rapidel, FAJ DeClerck, J-F Le Coq, J Beer, pp. 91–117. London: ... Rutherford MA, Bieysse D, Lepoint P, Maraite HMM. 2009. Biology ...

The Linguistics of Lying - Annual Reviews


assertion, deception, implicature, lying, pragmatics, semantics ... According to Talwar (forthcoming), in the modified temptation resistance paradigm, “children.

Zoogeography of Insects - Annual Reviews


members of the genus have been found in Chile. The occurrence of chiro ... 196. van Regteren Altena, C. 0., Trans. 9th Intern. Congr. Entomol., 1, 565-68 (1952).

Character Convergence - Annual Reviews


Martin L. Cody. Department ... CODY species recorded by recent investigators (16,6 1) seem to be characteristic of tropical ... gent character displacement. BioI.

Aspergillus flavus - Annual Reviews


A. flavus is the second-leading pathogen causing invasive and noninvasive aspergillosis, next to Aspergillus fumigatus (135). In addition, ...

Solar Energy - Annual Reviews


1 Nov 2019 ... between technological and natural collection of solar energy. ... In solar thermal conversion, solar energy is collected ... aye Workshop.

genetics of bacterial bioluminescence - Annual Reviews


indicated that the lux auto inducers are part of a new and broadly based class of bacterial ... gent to luxG in Vibrio fischeri codes for a protein related in sequence ...

Plastics in the Marine Environment - Annual Reviews


7 Sep 2016 ... 1973), seafloor debris in benthic fishing trawls. (Holmstr öm 1975), and plastic debris on beaches (Cundell 1973, Dixon & Cooke 1977). Ingestion.

protein import into mitochondria - Annual Reviews


Multiple Targeting of Proteins to Mitochondria and Other Subcellular Locations ...... 870. MOVEMENT ... Indeed, several cytosolic factors that stimulate preprotein import have been described ... Aitken A, Collinge DB, van Heusden. BP, Isobe T ...

Vitellogenin and Vitellin in Insects - Annual Reviews


Gen. Compo Endocrinol. 22:146-53. 7. Bakker-Grunwald, T., Applebaum, S. W. 1977. ... deLoof, A., Lagasse, A. 1970. Juvenile hormone and the ultrastructural ...

Lymphocyte-Mediated Cytotoxicity - Annual Reviews


s Abstract Virtually all of the measurable cell-mediated cytotoxicity delivered by cytotoxic T ... activation-induced cell death but also plays an important role in lymphocyte-mediated ... (I/V) EPD (154). ... N, Bianchi D, Fischer A, Le Deist F,.

the role of macroinvertebrates in stream ... - Annual Reviews


stream macroinvertebrate as a keystone species would be difficult (1 19, 138), ... enhanced grazer abundance, growth, andor production (41, 63, 69, 71, 92,.

Law and Civilization: Norbert Elias as a ... - Annual Reviews


30 Apr 2019 ... Law and Civilization: Norbert. Elias as a Regulation Theorist. Robert van Krieken. Department of Sociology & Social Policy, The University of ...

protein-priming of dna replication - Annual Reviews


Lien, J. M . , Aldrich, C. E. , Mason, W. S. 1 986. J. Viral. 57:229-36. 27 1 . ... Van Wezenbeek, P., Verver, J . , Harm sen, J. , Vos, P. , van Kammen, A. 1 983.

BOILING W AHREN M. ROHSENOW The process ... - Annual Reviews


FIGURE llO. Recommended procedure for construction of curve for forced-convection surface boiling. (TID-T,) (Figure 10), draw the forced-convection nonboiling ...

fungal transmission of plant viruses - Annual Reviews


vector assisted-seed transmission (RN Campbell, C Wipf-Scheibel & H Lecoq, submitted). Most ... Pathol. 41:64–68. 12. Bastin V, Boute C, Maraite H. 1989.

Hans W. Liepmann, 1914–2009 - Annual Reviews


16 Aug 2012 ... Liepmann on the eve of a new year, the greeting “How are you, Hans?” would elicit the reply (in ... Erik Slachmuylders, 1963 (AE). 42. Viviane ...

Localized surface plasmon resonance - Annual Reviews


Materials that possess a negative real and small positive imaginary dielectric constant are capable of supporting a surface plasmon resonance (SPR). This ...

Agents of Trachoma and Inclusion Conjunctivitis - Annual Reviews


inclusion conjunctivitis (TRIC) agent infections to date. The original de scription pointed to the small granules within the inclusion as the probable infective agent ...

the design of computing systems for molecular ... - Annual Reviews


Computer hardware along with data files form the basic media of computer represen tation and manipulation of molecular structure information. Since computer ...

My Early Career and the Involvement of World War II - Annual Reviews


posts as high school teachers, whose main duty was the education of junior or senior high school pupils. ... were at that time no departments of what we now call cell biology, biophys ics, molecular biology ... dreamland. Owing to the efforts of ...

Immunology in the Era of Single-Cell Technologies - Annual Reviews


19 Feb 2020 ... Immunology in the Era of. Single-Cell Technologies ... Grimbergen AJ, Siebring J, Solopova A, Kuipers OP. 2015. Microbial bet-hedging: the ...