interview - American Radio History

1 Jun 1990 ... nezzar," where the sound suddenly shifts from a flat studio ambience to a ... Jamo JBL JSE JVC Lexicon. Magnum Dynalab MFA Mod Squad ...

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interview - American Radio History

1 Jun 1990 ... nezzar," where the sound suddenly shifts from a flat studio ambience to a ... Jamo JBL JSE JVC Lexicon. Magnum Dynalab MFA Mod Squad ...

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WOK. D -RADIO. [589' propagation of ultra short -waves it was considered desirable to dispense with an open aerial. ... Radio Chatelineau (Belgium) . . J. 1205.

The Fine Values of Radio - American Radio History

Key,ith Howard's Microphone. 4.15: A. 8. Cochrane's Orchestral. Hour. 5.0: Children's. Beulot. d'Palry. Godmother." 5.35: Mualc. 6.40: The Hello Man's Children's.

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23 Mar 2002 ... Alizee (Moi Lolita/Polydor) are turn- ing out really strong, ... Native/Je Manques De Toi ... Coralie Clement-L'Ombre Et La Lumle)re. Departure ...

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20 Nov 2004 ... or The Southern Appalachian. Radio Museum, ap lace your equipment ... Olen 71.4909 •Far 1. 7I (. 0 73.5757 kircle5.43pcc no. A 1J1C011- N c.

movie-radio - American Radio History

Rooney,. with Cecelia. Parker hack and tires Donna Reed.- ... WHP -hack Keane in Tenn. W1P- luarletuiaiters Waiter ... momio rrMROU6.rn .I.eAT ettaur. lYri'tue.

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tion to do the screen play and Gold- ... Dutch, for peace and the continuation ... 26-Nazi fifth columnists arrested in the Dutch East Indies are now imprisoned in a.

World -Radio - American Radio History

special train, with car service between station and studio ... Rocourt). Joyeusement sans nulz faux tour (Guyot). Le soir etend son voile (Mathieu Le Maistre).

we taller to radio - American Radio History

19 Sep 1998 ... ance company Assumax and car importer Beherman. The other 49 percent is owned by NRJ's company in southern Belgium, NRJ Belgique.

radio communication - American Radio History

1 Oct 2019 ... ull chat? Ihave an i nter- esting amateur nearby who affords me great amusement a. t t imes with h is o ld-style 0S0s—NOT t he dreadful contest ...

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Avis, Alamo & Hertz Car Rental - offers discounts off of daily and weekly car rentals. ... free meals. When the ... records?" "Sure," she answered, quizzi- cally.

Mar - American Radio History

voltage and decibel ranges. Each decibel range is related to the next by a10 db ... Laurien, I . M., 32 Chassin Ave., Eggertsville, N. Y.. Lea, H. D..205 Main S.

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not OANGGMMEN -Dram Baby (Combine, BMI). MONUMENT. 983. THE BLUES MAGOOS-So I',. Wrong and Yen Are Right (Brock, BMI). VERVE -FOLKWAYS ...

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3400, add LD4. When only three displays are used, place JP1 as indi- cated. This causes the decimal point of ID' to light to show that the display reading must ...

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22 Jul 2005 ... Ne Ades. XHTZSan Diego CA'. PD Diana Laird. 1.10: Todd "TON' Romano. 6 MARIAN CAREY. 5 50 CENT VMOBB DEEP. 3 DETONAS CHILD.

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aircraft use on account of the weight, and because of the effect of ... Department, live years' public ... A span of almost two-thirds of a mile of A.C.S.R. across the.

ONES - American Radio History

13 Dec 1991 ... ENYA. Shepherd Moons (Reprise). RECORD TO WATCH. AL DiMEOLA. Kiss My Axe (Tomato /Mesa/Bluemoon). BOBBY CALDWELL.

WHO'S WHO - American Radio History

La Terza Luna. Do. II Re Dei Pagliacci. Next Door to An Angel. I. Tuoi Capriccí. NEW ZEALAND. Next Door to An Angel. PERU. PHILIPPINES. VENEZUELA.

CD1 - American Radio History

2 $1150, Dynaco 416A $395, Eagle 7a $2000, FM Acous- ... $400; Dynaco PATS' ($449) $45; Electrocompaniet ... The LEDE Concept, Don Davis, Aug., 48.

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lit 'i/Stereo !Leview ... birolli and the Hallé Orchestra, of Sibelius' Fifth Symphony (Vanguard SIRV. 137/I37SD). ... parapluies have all recognized that the.

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25 Mar 1989 ... Morrissey- The Last. Sheena Easton- The Lover. RADIO ROYAAL - Hamont-Achel ... Adak Dn 11.8 DerneE,. Rea. AD Dusty Springfield- Proved.

s - American Radio History

Landschoot Hendrick, Rapenbrug 10, B9990 Maldegem,. Belgium. T68. Have Walther ·177 ... A YLMER-KELL Y (P), 2 Pickwick Road. Corsham. WillS. SNI29BJ.

t,k! 2/a º - American Radio History

8.45: Musk. 9,0: Belinda We Love. ... Medlyn. THE HARMONY TWINS in. Close Harmony. How You Like It. Wed. -9.30 p.m. ... 6.15: Din- ner nude, 6.50: Weather,.

HEY,YOU! - American Radio History

30 Apr 1983 ... Shriekback to Warner Bros. via a licensing deal with Y Records, the band's label in the U.K. The band is also signed to. Sire Records for France ...

Forem t - American Radio History

George Colson. Club Esquire, Toronto. Plenty of publicity ... night; Antonia Brico, conductor, explained: "I am not a feminist; I am a musician." . . . But there are no ...

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1 Mar 2011 ... The intelli- gent resource manager provides a common user interface to optimize the use of ... Film Gear (International). C7337. 6. GoPro.

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1 Sep 1990 ... George Michael - Praying For Time (7-23). Maxi Priest -Close To You (11-20). Hot 100 Singles. DNA feat. Suzanne Vega- Tom's Diner (2-4).

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23 Aug 1986 ... Status Quo i Vedigo (Warner Brothers Music). 0 9 ° ... Simply Red (UK) or Modern Talking (Germany); ... Due to the good sales Brother Louie is.

93 NAB Preview - American Radio History

tures, such as cracked glass walls, floating acoustical ... Digital Audio Patch Bay: digital-ready audio patching ... quad /expander gate ( #274), dual spectral enhancer. ( #296). ... DFX -C2: enables Sony D -2 VTRs to record and play back.

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of ELEKTOR magazine. ... photographs, printed circuit boards and articles published in Elektor ... Many Elektor circuits are accompanied by designs for printed.

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6 Apr 1996 ... L.A.: Evelyn Aszodi, Dan Dodd, Robin Friedman, ... ly live by Daniel Rey, who has pro- ... DAN DAN KOKORO HIKARETEKU FIELD OF VIEW.

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27 Apr 1996 ... Elektra executives congratulate new signee Daniel Tashian following the singer ... DAN DAN KOKORO HIKARETEKU FIELD OF VIEW. 2Ai'.

Houston - American Radio History

Pres. Jesse H. Jones, II. Sta. Mgr. Pat Fant ... News: Pat Ryan. 3 to 6: News: Jean ... Meet Millis. News. Gr.,. Hers. Hers ... rtl,i off athevar. %ell wale , r tir ..Id co.

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30 May 1970 ... Johnny Baylor and Dino Wood- ard of Koko; Perception's Boo. Frazier; Maxwell's Larry Max- well and Atlantic's Henry Allen. Duke/Peacock's ...

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12 Aug 1989 ... Book Choice Short book reviews with tour editions each ... NBC's immensely popular Texaco Fire ... NBC Radio's "Texaco Fire Chief." Ulti-.

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20 Oct 1989 ... Arista recording artists Milli Vanilli won't forget that number - it marks the double ... gent AT seeks medium market AC station for new opportuni-.