On Complex Valued Convolutional Neural Networks - arXiv

1 Mar 2016 ... BAri, js. Similarly, given a non scalar function Xt`1 with variables Xn we denote the Jacobian of. Xn`1 with respect to Xn by BXn`1. BXn.

On Complex Valued Convolutional Neural Networks - arXiv - Gerelateerde documenten

On Complex Valued Convolutional Neural Networks - arXiv


1 Mar 2016 ... BAri, js. Similarly, given a non scalar function Xt`1 with variables Xn we denote the Jacobian of. Xn`1 with respect to Xn by BXn`1. BXn.

MatConvNet: Convolutional Neural Networks for MATLAB - arXiv


5 May 2016 ... It exposes the building blocks of CNNs as easy-to-use MATLAB functions, providing routines for computing linear convolutions with filter banks, ...

Direct training based spiking convolutional neural networks ... - arXiv


... of Management Science and Engineering, School of Management, Harbin ... S. R. Kheradpisheh, M. Ganjtabesh, S. J. Thorpe, and T. Masquelier (2018) ...

MatConvNet: Convolutional Neural Networks for MATLAB - VLFeat


It exposes the building blocks of CNNs as easy-to-use MATLAB functions, providing routines for computing linear convolutions with filter banks, feature pooling, ...

Query Intent Detection using Convolutional Neural Networks


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Understanding and Improving Convolutional Neural ... - arXiv


Figure 2. Histograms of µr(red) and µw(blue) for AlexNet. Recall that for a set of unit length filters {φi}, ... 100, there is a big increase between conv2 and conv3.

NullHop: A Flexible Convolutional Neural Network ... - arXiv


6 Mar 2018 ... These non-zero pixel values are stored as the NZVL: an ... deep neural network architecture for real-time semantic segmentation.” [Online].

Efficient Simulation of Convolutional Spiking Neural ... - arXiv


[email protected] (AND) [email protected] (TM). 1 ... which handle conversion of tensors to text files and the reverse, respectively. This conversion is ...

Language Modeling with Gated Convolutional Networks - arXiv


8 Sep 2017 ... et al., 2010; Jozefowicz et al., 2016) have been shown to. 1Facebook AI ... quent words and lower capacity to rare words (Grave et al.,. 2016a).

Neural Networks Regularization Through Representation ... - arXiv


13 Jul 2018 ... a hack to perform bagging on an ensemble of exponentially many neural networks. Applying dropout to a neural network during training ...

Synchronization, Consensus of Complex Networks and ... - arXiv


lijP−1CT Cxj(t). (33) can reach synchronization if the coupling strength c is large enough. Proposition 9. If (A, B) is controllable, then. ˙xi(t) = Aδxi(t) cP−1BBT. N.

XDeep: An Interpretation Tool for Deep Neural Networks - arXiv


4 Nov 2019 ... XDeep is an open-source Python package developed to interpret deep models for both practitioners and researchers. Overall, XDeep takes a ...

Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Survival ... - UCL/ELEN


ESANN 2019 proceedings, European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning. Bruges (Belgium), 24-26 ...

Convolutional neural network surrogate-assisted GOMEA - Centrum ...


17 Jul 2019 ... Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica ... [20] Bobak Shahriari, Kevin Swersky, Ziyu Wang, Ryan P. Adams, and Nando De Fre- itas. 2016. Taking the ...

A Fungus Spores Dataset and a Convolutional Neural ... - IEEE Xplore


Muhammad Waseem Tahir, Nayyer Abbas Zaidi, Adeel Akhtar Rao, Roland Blank, Michael J. Vellekoop and Walter Lang. Abstract— Fungus is an enormously ...

3-D Fully Convolutional Networks for Multimodal ... - IEEE Xplore


Dong Nie , Li Wang, Ehsan Adeli , Cuijin Lao, Weili Lin, and Dinggang Shen, Fellow, IEEE. Abstract—Accurate segmentation of infant brain images into different ...

Fully Convolutional Networks and Geographic Object-Based Image ...


12 Mar 2019 ... [email protected] (S.V.); [email protected] (E.W.). * Correspondence: [email protected]; Tel.: 32-2-650-6806. Received: ... Notwithstanding the ProQuest Terms and Conditions, you may use this content in accordance ...

FCC-GAN: A Fully Connected and Convolutional Net ... - arXiv


Sarah Monazam Erfani ... Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are a powerful class of ... network architecture and the sample generation process of GANs ... [33] Aaron van den Oord, Nal Kalchbrenner, Lasse Espeholt, Oriol Vinyals, Alex.

Deep neural networks - bioRxiv


In this paper, I argue that recent advances in neural network models. (LeCun et al. 2015) will usher in a new era of computational neuroscience, in which we will ...

Profiling the Performance of Binarized Neural Networks


Profiling the Performance of. Binarized Neural Networks. Daniel Lerner, Jared Pierce, Blake Wetherton, Jialiang Zhang. 1 ...

Closing Brackets with Recurrent Neural Networks


Brussels, Belgium, November 1, 2018. c 2018 Association for Computational Linguistics. 232. Closing ... certain grammatical constructs, brackets and Dyck languages has ... interesting for boosting efficiency in cases of large vocabularies with ...

Using Customer Lifetime Value and Neural Networks to Improve the ...


such as recency, frequency and monetary (RFM) value, to describe the value of a client through time in ... 1649-026 Lisboa, Portugal. E-mail: [email protected]

Generating Guitar Tablatures with Neural Networks


In the guitar tablature community, it is highly unusual to annotate tabs with fin- ... Figure 2.4: Beginning of a tablature for Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven as a ...

Generating Guitar Tablatures with Neural Networks - Informatics ...


In the guitar tablature community, it is highly unusual to annotate tabs with fin- ... Figure 2.4: Beginning of a tablature for Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven as a ...

Practical applicability of deep neural networks for overlapping ...


19 Dec 2019 ... 2Processing Speech and Images - ESAT - KU Leuven - Belgium. {pieter,jeroen,hugo}.{appeltans,zegers,vanhamme}@kuleuven.be. Abstract.

Introducing neuromodulation in deep neural networks to ... - PLOS


27 Jan 2020 ... Nicolas VecovenID*, Damien Ernst, Antoine Wehenkel, Guillaume Drion. Department of ... Citation: Vecoven N, Ernst D, Wehenkel A, Drion G.

Optimizing Neural Networks that Generate Images by Tijmen ...


(Tieleman & Hinton, 2009) used preprocessing to turn grey scale image data into roughly binary data, which was easier for the network to handle. Subtracting the ...

Recognizing Musical Notation Using Artificial Neural Networks


30 Jun 2015 ... musical notation from scanned sheet music. We cover ... tains 1.000 sheets of handwritten music scores, but its applications are rather narrow:.

Algorithm-architecture adequacy of spiking neural networks for ... - TEL


9 Dec 2019 ... I also want to thank Timothée Masquelier, Rufin Van Rullen, Douglas McLel- ... (2016) managed to adapt classical CNN architectures.

Helping AI to Play Hearthstone using Neural Networks - Annals of ...


Helping AI to Play Hearthstone was to design a model that can accurately ... based on Heartharena Tierlist [2] ... (2017) Heartharena's hearthstone arena tierlist.

Moment Dynamics in Self-Normalising Neural Networks - Johannes ...


Social I have been a leader in the Chiro, a Belgian youth movement. Outrijvestraat 16 – 8551 Heestert – Belgium. 32 479/85 13 65 • [email protected]

Adaptive Global Metamodeling with Neural Networks - UCL/ELEN


Dirk Gorissen, Wouter Hendrickx, Tom Dhaene. University of Antwerp - Department of Math and Computer Science. Middelheimlaan 1, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium.

No Need to Pay Attention: Simple Recurrent Neural Networks Work ...


28 Jul 2017 ... 2014), part-of-speech tagging (Huang et al., 2015;. Wang et al., 2015), ... structured query: 1entity “Sarah Michelle Gellar”, relation: bornOnl.

Neural networks for self-learning control systems - Information ...


... outputs of one layer connected to the inputs of the next layer, to form a. 0'272-170819010400-0018 $01 00 0 1990 IEEE. 18. IEEE Control Systems Magazine ...

Computational Intelligence in Games - Neural Networks Research ...


TIELT is a Java application intended to connect a game engine to a decision system that learns about the game. The goal is to provide the researcher with a tool ...