The Stavelot Triptych: Notes on a Mosan Work - jstor

The Stavelot Triptych: Notes on a Mosan Work. JOYCE BRODSKY. University of Connecticut. The mysterious figure of Godefroid de Huy, "vir in auri- fabricatura ...

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The Stavelot Triptych: Notes on a Mosan Work - jstor

The Stavelot Triptych: Notes on a Mosan Work. JOYCE BRODSKY. University of Connecticut. The mysterious figure of Godefroid de Huy, "vir in auri- fabricatura ...

The Mosan Origins of Johannes von Valke - jstor

leaves the question of Mosan influence open again. ... le-B6gue Psalters and thirteenth-century Mosan illumina ... (Düsseldorf, Heinrich Heine Institut Α. 5) of ca.


Domitian et de St. Mengold de l'ancienne collégiale de Huy , ( Bulletin de l'Institut archéologique liégeois , t. XIII) ...

The Franconian School and the Mosan Country - jstor

and especially at Neeroeteren, we have noted ... The statues of Neeroeteren and the Beek Crucifixion are gifts ... CHINESE FRESCOES FOR THE NATION.

A Group of Fourteenth-Century Mosan Sculptures - jstor

Diest Museum (photo: Institut. Royal du Patrimoine Artistique, Brussels: ACL) parative photographs: the lack of precision in such details as the carving of the hair ...

The Italian and Mosan Shows in the Light of the Great Art ... - jstor

wandering from Liege to Paris and Rotterdam - provide an excuse for some ... symbol of an old established gallery -exhibited its chefs d'oeuvres in I939 in ...

Bulletin communal Stavelot-Coo-Francorchamps ... - Ville de Stavelot

1 janv. 2020 ... Mercredi : PCS Malmedy ... vous rappelons que la Ville de Malmedy avait remis ... Pour compléter les tracés de l'Extratrail, un « Ultra. Tour des ...

guide de la vie communale de stavelot - Ville de Stavelot

1 juil. 2007 ... munaux tels que l'O ce du Tourisme, le ... ALE – Agence locale pour l'Emploi de Stavelot, ... touristique qui relie Spa, Stavelot et Malmedy.

stavelot coo francorchamps - Tourisme Stavelot

21. Mai 2017 ... TOURIST INFO COO. April-May-June-September-October: Week-ends & Belgian public and school holidays.

Triptych - Eurhodip

BELGIUM Vatel Brussels. CROATIA. University ... Russian International Academy for Tourism VATEL Moscou. SENEGAL. ... Secretary: [email protected]

Notes on picatrix - jstor

will be celebrated in 1965) discovered the Latin Picatrix, under which name the medieval Latin translation of the then still unknown Arabic original was hidden.

Teratological Notes - jstor

The hypocotyle had been divided, and to each half one cotyledon was attached, while the plumule remained entire and was joined to one-half of the hypocotyle ...

Some Notes on the Ekoi - jstor

THE Ekoi tribe is composed of several groups occupying land in the Provinces of Calabar,. Ogoja and the Cameroons, all of which are part of Nigeria.

Notes on Lesbian - jstor

Laura Cottingham n attempt to construct a lesbian history, ... collaborated with her lover Suzanne Malherbe on many of their photomontages. The particularities ...

Notes on the Use of the Hebrew Tenses - jstor

It is even used of the Past where the main tense of a narrative is the Historical Present. Thus, in. Byron's Siege of Corinth, stanza xxvi., the tenses are chiefly ...

Notes sur le Mariage des Ekonda - jstor

Le mariage se traduit en lokond libala; ibala ... titue a la fagon " nouveau- riche presque toute possibi ... le parfait accord entre ces deux fractions du peuple Nku.

Current Theater Notes - jstor

design and costumes by Mimi Peetermans, music by Otto Nicolai. Translation by Dr. L. A. J.. Burgersdyk. February i5-I9, 22, I954. Yale Department of Drama, ...

Notes on Synentognathous Fishes - jstor

Strongylura Van Hasselt thus antedates Tylosurus Cocco,' and ... strongylura Van Hasselt of the preceding year, while both specific ... Tobasco, Mexico. No.

Notes on cyphellaceous fungi - jstor

(Singer 1951, 1962, 1963: Donk 1959, 1962, 1964), more species and ge nera of "Cypliellaceae" have been studied by specialists. Thanks to a grant from the ...

Notes on Latin Synizesis - jstor

of contraction in Latin are coepi from co-epi (Stolz Hist. Gramm. I, p. 155) and coetas. (Varro R. R. iii. 16; 28; cf. Caper Gramm. Lat. VII 94. 16) from codetas (Stolz ...

Some Notes on the Legions under Augustus - jstor

distribution, now and later, of the Roman legions. If, as is suggested above, Legions I and V were transferred from Spain to the Rhine, or rather to Gaul, before I7 ...

Notes on Mexican Folk-Lore - jstor

among the folk-tales is held by the "Rabbit and Coyote" tales, which ... Coyote left, rolling himself on the road, but the Rabbit was on a ... the crack of the tree.

Grammatic Notes and Vocabulary of the Pennsylvania ... - jstor

an'red-t1,, to address, to speak to. ... with an opaque film. ... hi'-ta, to guard, to watch or pro- tect. ... 8hbett8-'l, sparrow; generic term for ... vf'-hel-la, to clear up.

Notes on Dracontius and on the Aegritudo Perdicae - jstor

the meaning of millesima lucra has not yet been explained. Arevalo does, it is true, point out that the words must indicate a larger sum than centesima (which ...

Notes on the Kado, or Sun Dance of the Kiowa - jstor

The Kiowa considered the Kado to be their most important ceremony, the whole ... 6 Miss Alice C. Fletcher, The Hako Ceremony, zzd Rep. Bu. Am. Eth., pt. 2, p.

Notes on the Iconography of Félicien Rops - jstor

THE literature devoted to Felicien Rops is considerable: his career has ... Catalogue de l'euvre grave' de Filicien Rops in 1887 and a supplement in 1895, while.

Guillaume Du Fay's Birthplace: Some Notes on a Hypothesis - jstor

Du Fayt and that, since the name Willermus given to Du Fay in a papal supplica- tion of 1431 ... and Du Bois, whereas Bricquet was the broker for the chapter.

The Correspondence of Augustus: Some Notes on Suetonius ... - jstor

Suetonius quotes at Tiberius 21. 4-7 a number of passages from letters of Augustus to Tiberius showing the high regard in which he professed to hold him, ...

Supplementary Notes to the Flora of Cyprus V - jstor

Division 6: Agrokipia, Kreatos, rock slide on NE side, shaded rocks and grassy slope ... On new molecular data necessitating separation of Podospermum from ...

Linguistic Notes on the Shahbazgarhi and Mansehra ... - jstor

Examples are: Shb., Mans. susruqa (written so seve. = Sanskrit susru.rd; Shb. dhra[ma]n[u]sasanamh, Ma manu[Sa]sana = Skt. dharma anusdsanam. Shb.

Out of Notes: Signification, Interpretation, and the Problem of ... - jstor

trumpet solo of Davis's 1964 recording of "My Funny Valentine," both ... tions." Giddins comments, "By the time of 'My Funny Valentine,' ... folklore and song lyrics.

Notes on Irregular Italian Verbs - jstor

Notes on Irregular Italian Verbs. O0 MANY beginning students in Italian the task of learning the large number of irregular verbs in the language is often a cause.

Who Wants to Work for the Government? - jstor

they were seeking a government job (indeed, one-quarter of the respondents were retired or not working outside the home) or that they would take one if it was ...

ludwig brandl's historical notes on the kingdom of kom ... - jstor

Today, the kingdom of Kom is a subdivision of the Wum administrative area and thus belongs to the North West Province of the United Republic of Cameroon.

Preliminary Notes on Zen for Film's Enchanted Materialism - jstor

The piece in question is, of course, Zen for Film (1962?64), Nam June Paik's famous, ... stream of images: 'The spectacle is simply the common language of this ...

Bantu Notes and Vocabularies. No. II. Comparative Tables ... - jstor

to make peace ku-batula bita ku-mana vita fazer as pazes friendship ki-dia bu-nyana amizade enmity bu-she mu-tando inimizade tranquil, to be ku-kita ku-pola ...