Downlights - Lumitron Lighting

inter lamp absorbtion. Emergency versions are manufactured in accordance with. ICEL 1004:2003. To specify a DLN295 series with integral high frequency ...

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Downlights - Lumitron Lighting

inter lamp absorbtion. Emergency versions are manufactured in accordance with. ICEL 1004:2003. To specify a DLN295 series with integral high frequency ...


wordt is de stand van zaken van begin 2017. In het voorjaar ... Niko. 310-028X. RLC. 2-100 W. ✓ 5-100%. Not tested. ✓ 10-100%. ✓ 10-100%. Niko. 310-029X.

ADLT Petrol Station Lighting Solutions - Advanced Lighting ...

As a result, it's crucial that fuel retailers provide a clean, safe and visually-striking service station to attract as many customers as possible. We've worked with some ...

85721 LED lighting for agriculture and animal ... - Rexel Lighting

8790 Waregem. Belgium. Tel. 32 56 622-130. Fax 32 56 622-140 [email protected] Czech Republic. Elektrolicht CZ s.r.o.. Masná 27/9.

WE-EF LIGHTING RMT300 LED SERIES Street and Area Lighting ...

WE-EF Control energy-saving option available on request. [P65] Pedestrian/bicycle lane distribution, illuminance optimised. [S65] Streetlighting distribution ...

underwater lighting exterior lighting - Osvaldo Matos

[email protected] · Netherlands. ESZET Lighting B.V.. Postbox 64 · 3840 Ab Harderwijk. Van Leeuwenhoekstraat 21-23. 3846 Ca Harderwijk.

architectural and specification lighting catalogue 2018 - ECI Lighting

energy savings, see Lighting controls section. 40. Page 21. Fenchurch Avenue, U.K.. Page 22. Carbomat Halle - Belgium. Page 23. 23 RECESSED MODULAR.

Manual of MA Lighting International GmbH - ACT Lighting

23 Jul 2019 ... Update grandMA2 onPC and MA 3D: The current versions of grandMA onPC and MA 3D require at least Windows® 7. Microsoft® .

outdoor lighting 2019 - ETT Lighting

Bornem- Belgium. OUTDOOR ... homes, terraces and gardens covering a contemporary and modern ... Handy & movable outdoor solar table light. The 3 step ...

scoop lighting - Altman Lighting

14" SCOOP 154/160. A lightweight multi-purpose elliptical reflector floodlight, both scoops produce a very diffuse soft edged beam. The 154 scoop produces a ...

lighting catalogue / 2019 - ETT Lighting

Touch power switch ... is covered with a textured fabric, and the switch is ... BIZZ. Recessed light with an aluminum frame and cardanic sockets for the light ...

Philips Led Lighting Catalog 2018 - Philips Lighting

Fastest and easiest way to upgrade existing luminaire to LED technology ... Our EM/mains and InstantFit HF tubes fit straight into existing luminaires. Our.

Automotive Lighting Automotive Lighting - Leveling ... - tyc europe

Leveling Motor. OPEL Combo*. OPEL Combo* 2001 -. 20-6065-MA-1. For halogen only, From 2003 for projector type, For ZK system. 6207115. Leveling Motor.

Auditorium Auditorium – Lighting Design Lighting Design Lighting ...

Improper selection can cause the light to clash with the finish colors and help to create a space that is not very visually inviting. Design Standards. Design ...


Amendments to SAP lighting calculation CONSP:05. Date: 28/06/2015 ... this scheme was in the range 73-80 luminaire lumens per circuit Watt. • Design 4: Low ...

Led Lighting Pte Ltd

15 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #01-18 WIN 5 Singapore 768091. Tel: (65) 6256 0747 Email: [email protected] Website: Professional In Lighting.

LED Lighting

18 Apr 2017 ... 90. DLD-14008-DFDR. DLD-24015-DFD-1, DLD-24015-DFD-2. DLD-24015-DFN. LED driver for Down Light. 92. EXLED-S30N / EXLED-S60N.

lighting - Cobolight

All SG luminaires integrate and utilize high quality electri- cal components such as ballasts and light sources from Osram, Vossloh-. Schwabe, Tridonic, TCO or ...

Nowodvorski Lighting

produkty do takich klientów jak: Castorama,. Obi czy Black Red White. Poza tym naszymi klientami są dystrybutorzy, hurtownie, sklepy specjalistyczne, sklepy ...

lighting catalogue - 777


02|2016 - AEM Lighting

Maison Témoin, Lot.15, Mersch. Arend & Fischbach. Massive Passive. Stéphanie Bodart Birchen Lanners. Vibia, ID to Light, SG Lighting.

technology led lighting - LLT

Панель светодиодная LPU-ПРИЗМА-PRO материал корпуса – сталь призматический рассеиватель – светотехнический полистирол. ЭПРА в комплекте.

lighting - AVL Times

Bose N.V. | Sales: Audio | Tongeren 32 12 390 800 / [email protected] / www.bose. ... 1 514 631 5787 ext 22 / [email protected] /

Strobist Lighting 101

(all text by David Hobby, taken from, version 05/06/07). Intimidated by the idea of off-camera lighting?

DHL-LP-LED - Deco Lighting

This low-profile linear high bay/low bay luminaire offers commercial and industrial building owners an all-in-one solution for illuminating their facility while ...

All About LED Lighting - St Nicks

inform the public about LED lighting: “Watts are now measured in lumens. ... It's important to calculate lumens/watt because even among LED bulbs, there's quite ...


Astro Lighting eine Reihe hochwertiger Treiber von namhaften Herstellern an, die ... Astro fornisce tre tipi di soluzioni di illuminazione LED:- ▻ Apparecchio di ...

NC2-631 / NC2-636 / NC2-638 - Nora Lighting

TEL 323.767.2600 | | e-mail: [email protected] ... Decorative glass will reduce the amount of usable light by 10 to 30%, depending ...

lighting the way - electriXities

factures advanced energy-efficient LED lighting solutions with the lowest total cost of ownership ... LED BULBS. High Bay Lights offer massive light output for the.

Jolina Lighting

Het Atomium heeft een hoogte van 102 m. De 9 metalen bollen met een diameter van 18 m. worden met elkaar verbonden door verbindingsbui- zen van 23 m.

Lighting Guide - BFW Inc.

BFW™ LIGHTING. SOLUTIONS GUIDE. BFW INC. 2307 River Road Suite 103. Louisville Ky 40206. Phone: 502-899-1808. Fax: 502-899-1937.

guarantee - bel-lighting

Genesis 40°. Goliath K. Goliath KFL. Goliath KFL LED. Goliath R. Goliath RFL ... sprl. Industriepark Sint-Renelde,. Ernest Solvaylaan 42. Sint-renelde 1480 - ...

profiles - ECI Lighting

Fore more information p.147. Bent / Beveren-Oostende-Lochristi. U ... Andros Mythos / Schelle (BE) /Electric Arts / Céline Deceuninck. 132. U. 160. PROFILES ...

Pixelmesh P12,5 - Pro Lighting

Das Datenkabel für die Datenübertragung an den LED-Pixelscreen kann durch ein Standard-Datenkabel ersetzt werden. Bitte folgen Sie der untenstehenden ...


We've been supplying our products to the South Korean car makers Hyundai, Kia motors, and Renault. Samsung ... high lumen reliability by using the standard.

BEL - PROFI Lighting

31 May 2019 ... BEL-LIGHTING.COM. 52. Led driver 350mA CC. Installation on 220-240V 50/60 Hz code: X020. Krypto 2. Krypto box 2. Krypto 2. 0,5. IP65. IK06.