anime-downloader Documentation - Read the Docs

anime-downloader helps you download your favorite anime. Contents: 1 ... 9anime. • • KissAnime [cloudflare]. • [cloudlfare].

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anime-downloader Documentation - Read the Docs

anime-downloader helps you download your favorite anime. Contents: 1 ... 9anime. • • KissAnime [cloudflare]. • [cloudlfare].

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5 mars 2020 ... SAPP Wikipédia et ses usages pédagogiques, pour une description de la manière dont la communauté s'est ... Un logiciel en ligne comme WhoCite?, de Jimmy Tidey, peut être utilisé. ... [Labeeu, 2013] Labeeu, M. (2013).

VAT Documentation - Read the Docs

18 Oct 2018 ... Support for querying the VIES VAT database system (to check VAT details), including fuzzy matching support for names and addresses.

minecraftstuff Documentation - Read the Docs

12 Jul 2017 ... Points object or as a list of mcpi.minecraft.Vec3 objects. • filled (boolean) – If True fills the face with blocks. • blockType (int) – The block id.

liquidcrystal Documentation - Read the Docs

22 Sep 2017 ... LiquidCrystal Library. This library allows an Arduino board to control LiquidCrystal displays (LCDs) based on the Hitachi HD44780 (or a.

gamma-cat Documentation - Read the Docs

15 Nov 2017 ... This is a git repository that contains everything related to gamma-cat: the data entry in the input folder, the script and gammacat folder ...

ProjectKorra Documentation - Read the Docs

21 Nov 2019 ... source version of Orion304's original Minecraft: The Last Airbender plugin for Bukkit. ... to bring the Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: The Legend of ... for water, where the user creates a small torrent of water to damage.

Charm Documentation - Read the Docs

4 days ago ... Please see Section 2.6.2 for more information about ... binary. charmc and its functionality is described in 2.6.2. Utility Functions ... --with-cuda=<path to CUDA toolkit> ... standard, and Microsoft recommends using C instead.

modelhub Documentation - Read the Docs

23 Sep 2019 ... a list (index/registry) of all models available via modelhub. – json schema for validating model config files. – python script to conveniently start ...

MyMWiki Documentation - Read the Docs

2 Mar 2020 ... Brandon's Core (by brandon3055). • MMD OreSpawn (by jriwanek). • Quick Leaf Decay (by lumien231). • Thermal Dynamics (by TeamCoFH).

graypy Documentation - Read the Docs

5 Aug 2019 ... graypy sends GELF logs to a Graylog server via subclasses of the python logging.Handler class. Below is the list of ready to run GELF logging ...

Gaia Sky Documentation - Read the Docs

17 Nov 2016 ... This will download the package and install it in the /opt/gaiasky/ folder. ... xpadder –here–, even though this has not been tested with Gaia Sky.

Cassiopeia Documentation - Read the Docs

1 Feb 2020 ... europe_west = 'EUW' from_platform ... The match history for a summoner. By default, this will return the entire match history. append(item).

PyGuitarPro Documentation - Read the Docs

19 Jan 2020 ... curl = guitarpro.parse(stream). Note: PyGuitarPro supports only GP3, GP4 and GP5 files. Support for GPX (Guitar Pro 6) files is out of scope of.

PyGreSQL Documentation - Read the Docs

24 Nov 2017 ... Based heavily on code written by Pascal Andre ([email protected]). Copyright ... Copy to the lib directory where the rest of your modules are. ... Fix to send port as integer to lower level function ([email protected]) ... rows = db.query("update employees set phone=$2 where name=$1",.

PokemonGo-Map Documentation - Read the Docs

22 Feb 2017 ... docker pull pokemap/pokemongo-map. If you are running a ngrok container, you've got to stop it as well. To start the server after updating your ...

Explorer Documentation - Read the Docs

10 Mar 2020 ... Explorer is a free multi-tab file manager for the Windows operating ... a destroy files function which deletes files, then wipes their former disk space clean. ... I believe, owing to the larger drive capacity (shorter seek time).

Androguard Documentation - Read the Docs

18 Oct 2019 ... Androguard is a full python tool to play with Android files. It is designed to work with Python 3 only. • DEX, ODEX. • APK. • Android's binary xml.

csgo Documentation - Read the Docs

18 Jan 2020 ... Module based on steam for interacting with CSGO's Game Coordinator. ... str(response) account_id: 12345678 ranking { account_id: 12345678.

FlexGet Documentation - Read the Docs

8 Oct 2015 ... UrlRewriteBakaBT. Bases: object. BakaBT urlrewriter. parse_download_page(*args, **kwargs) url_rewritable(task, entry) url_rewrite(task, entry). Documentation - Read the Docs

6 Jan 2018 ... logs errors and debug information via the logging python module. ... There is currently a limit of 50 local emotes per server.

Compressonator Documentation - Read the Docs

6 Mar 2020 ... ... SPMD (Single Process Multi Data) compilers such as ISPC compiler ... Processes all image file with BC7 Compression into results folder.

subliminal Documentation - Read the Docs

28 Nov 2018 ... LegendasTV. • NapiProjekt. • OpenSubtitles. • Podnapisi. • Shooter. • TheSubDB. • TvSubtitles. Providers all inherit the same Provider base ...

Red - Discord Bot Documentation - Read the Docs

28 Feb 2020 ... As a chatbot, you interact with Red via the Discord text channels (not from the ... Return type discord.Color await get_embed_colour(location).

Lemur Documentation - Read the Docs

Shafagh <[email protected]>. Type Destination. Description Uses AWS IAM as a destination for Lemur generated certificates. Support a multi-account.

pdfreader Documentation - Read the Docs

21 Feb 2020 ... pdfreader is a Pythonic API to PDF documents which follows PDF-1.7 specification. It allows to parse documents, extract texts, images, fonts, ...

polyglot Documentation - Read the Docs

git clone [email protected]:thespacedoctor/polyglot.git cd polyglot python install. To upgrade to the latest version of polyglot use the command: pip install ...

yt2mp3 Documentation - Read the Docs

15 Dec 2019 ... yt2mp3 Documentation. A program that simplifies the process of searching, downloading and converting Youtube videos to MP3 files from the.

OAI-PMH OpenEdition Documentation - Read the Docs

7 Jan 2020 ... <request verb="ListRecords" metadataPrefix="oai_dc" set="journals:rccs">http://oai. ˓→</request>. 5. <ListRecords xmlns: ...

pytube3 Documentation - Read the Docs

21 Feb 2020 ... YouTube('').streams.first().download(). > ... [<Stream: itag="22" mime_type="video/mp4" res="720p" fps="30fps" ...

Ibid Documentation - Read the Docs

29 Dec 2016 ... Ibid is a multi-protocol general purpose chat bot written in Python. It uses a ... ignored, all values belong to the most recently defined section.

pysubs2 Documentation - Read the Docs

23 Jun 2019 ... pysubs2 --shift 0.3s *.srt. $ pysubs2 --to srt *.ass import pysubs2 subs = pysubs2.load("my_subtitles.ass", encoding="utf-8") subs.shift(s=2.5).

ftfy Documentation - Read the Docs

25 Feb 2016 ... dakuten into the single character “ga” (). Unicode can be converted to NFC form without any change in its meaning. 10. Chapter 4. Using ftfy ...

Dashticz Documentation - Read the Docs

4 Feb 2020 ... buttons.buienradar = {width:12, isimage:true, refreshimage:60000, btnimage: ... deurne. Deurne (NL). Continued on next page. 3.2. Blocks. 55 ...

Portable GIS Documentation - Read the Docs

12 Nov 2019 ... Portable GIS is a set of open source GIS programs designed to be run from a USB stick, in windows, with no ... Foxit PDF Reader (Portable app).

Plexstuff Documentation - Read the Docs

13 Feb 2020 ... Using the Jackett proxy server to consolidate torrent searches among ... Returns a dictionary of servers accessible to you. ... ˓→dn=Star Trek Beyond (2016) [720p]&