A Fast Template-Based Approach to Automatically Identify ... - arXiv

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A Fast Template-Based Approach to Automatically Identify ... - arXiv - Gerelateerde documenten

A Fast Template-Based Approach to Automatically Identify ... - arXiv


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Text Based Approach For Indexing And Retrieval Of Image ... - arXiv


The Process of Extraction of information is detection, localization, tracking, extraction, enhancement, and recognition of the text from a given image [1]. However, ...

A machine learning approach to identify cases of ... - The Lancet


22 Nov 2018 ... HF received funding from the Child Health Research CIO (CHR CIO) Trust and China ... University College London, ... [email protected]

Fast Feature Fool: A data independent approach to universal ...


18 Jul 2017 ... perturbation for any target CNN quickly (Section 4.4 and Table 6), thereby named Fast. Feature Fool algorithm. The main contributions of our ...

A Fast and Accurate Failure Frequency Approximation for k ... - arXiv


27 Dec 2017 ... KLM. Karp-Luby-Madras. MCS. Monte Carlo simulation. NP-hard ... The KLM estimator with inputs (ΦM ,PZ; ξ,δ) proceeds in steps as follows: 0.

Streaming k-Means Clustering with Fast Queries - arXiv


6 Dec 2018 ... known as streaming k-means clustering, requires an algorithm to maintain enough state to be able to incrementally update the clusters as more ...

PipeDream: Fast and Efficient Pipeline Parallel DNN Training ... - arXiv


8 Jun 2018 ... PipeDream is a Deep Neural Network (DNN) training system for GPUs that parallelizes computation by pipelin- ing execution across multiple ...

How often does the best team win?A unified approach to ... - arXiv


Association (NBA), and Major League Baseball (MLB), finding that the NBA ... file: aoas2017.arxiv.R2.tex date: November 23, 2017 ... size, ignores the game's final score (which is known to be more predictive of future performance than ...

Fast charge sensing of Si/SiGe quantum dots via a high ... - arXiv


sensor, we realized a fast charge sensing tech- nique that is ... (RF) reflectometry allows fast measurement of ... Beveren, L. H.; Witkamp, B.; Vander- sypen ...

an Adversarial Machine Learning Approach - arXiv


has a Jar-like APK format and is an archive file which contains Android ... and to obtain root privileges of each APK [34]. Malware ... com.sygic.sp eedcamapp.

A MinION‐based pipeline for fast and cost‐effective DNA barcoding


Running Title: DNA barcoding using MinION™ sequencer ... considerably cheaper and smaller than ABI capillary, Illumina, Ion Torrent, PacBio SMRT or.

Yield locus prediction using statistical and RVE-based fast Fourier ...


To cite this article: Albert Van Bael et al 2018 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. ... Albert Van Bael1, Panagiotis Seventekidis2, Marc Seefeldt2, Dirk Roose3,. Fengbo Han4 ...

Language Support for Fast and Reliable Message-based ... - Microsoft


To copy otherwise, to republish, to post on servers or to redistribute to lists, requires prior specific ... EuroSys'06, April 18–21, 2006, Leuven, Belgium. Copyright 2006 ACM ... memory blocks as message arguments with zero-copy over- head.

A New Approach to Draw Detection by Move Repetition in ... - arXiv


Namely, in accordance with the official rules of chess there are two major types of positions in which a draw is proclaimed: (a) when the position in which the same ...

Faster and better: a machine learning approach to corner ... - arXiv


14 Oct 2008 ... Edward Rosten and Reid Porter are with Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA, ... A different approach is to extend curves past the endpoints by following saddle minima or ridge ... E: Leuven dataset.

General Relativistic 1 3 Orthonormal Frame Approach ... - arXiv


The equations of the 1 3 orthonormal frame approach are explicitly presented and discussed. Nat- ural choices of local coordinates are mentioned. A ...

30 Fast and Precise Touch-Based Text Entry for ... - Keith Vertanen


DigiTap (Prätorius et al. 2014) uses a wrist-mounted camera to ... In Experiment 2, we specifically explore a proactive ap- proach to literal input disambiguation.

Fast Optimization Based Motion Planning and Path-Tracking Control ...


6 Sep 2013 ... Abstract: This paper presents a car parking control concept for real-time ... following problem in the form of an optimal control problem ...

A mixed model approach to drought prediction using artificial ... - arXiv


Chrisgone Adede*, Robert Oboko, Peter Wagacha and Clement Atzberger**. *School of Computing and Informatics, University of Nairobi (UoN), P.O. Box 30197 ...

DeepTriangle: A Deep Learning Approach to Loss Reserving - arXiv


16 Sep 2019 ... Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) models from Meyers [20] including the correlated ... Peremans, Kris, Stefan Van Aelst, and Tim Verdonck.

dhSegment: A generic deep-learning approach for document ... - arXiv


Abstract—In recent years there have been multiple successful attempts tackling document processing problems separately by designing task specific ...

A Machine Learning Approach to Air Traffic Route Choice ... - arXiv


of flights summed 950 flights of 11 different airlines, namely AirBrideCargo (ABW),. Alitalia (AZA), Cargolux (CLX), Corendon Dutch Airlines (CND), Etihad (ETD), ...

Evolutionary Approach to Collectible Card Game Arena ... - arXiv


5 Jan 2020 ... 161–169. [19] ADWCTA and MERPS, “Lightforge: Hearthstone Arena Tier List,” http://thelightforge.com/TierList, 2016.

A Constraint-Based Hypergraph Partitioning Approach to ...


using world knowledge extracted from Wikipedia. The developed approach is able ... their coreference chain. Boldfaced mentions refer to the entity Lionel Messi.

A Translation-based Approach to Contingent Planning - UPF


gent planning that uses and extends ideas advanced recently for compiling ... ti = {xi} and merges m = {t1,...,tn} for each precon- dition xi can be shown to be ...

A Vector-Based Classification Approach for ... - CiTIUS - USC


annotated transition system (ATS) model to include these features; iii) proposing ... [2] B. F. van Dongen, R. A. Crooy, and W. M. P. van der Aalst, ''Cycle time pre-.

A new ligand-based approach to virtual screening and profiling of ...


Francis GA, Fayard E, Picard F, Auwerx J: Nuclear receptors and the control of ... Geysen HM, Schoenen F, Wagner D, Wagner R: Combinatorial compound ...

A Contract-Based Approach for Multi-Viewpoint Consistency in the ...


Ken Vanherpen, Joachim Denil, Paul De Meulenaere, and Hans Vangheluwe. Ontological ... Bryan Eisenhower, Zheng O'Neill, Satish Narayanan, Vladimir a.

A Model-Based Approach to Software Deployment ... - LucaGherardi.it


3 Nov 2013 ... Gerhard K. Kraetzschmar, Davide Brugali and Herman Bruyninckx. Abstract—Deploying a complex robot software architecture on real robot ...

A physics-based approach to oversample multi-satellite ...


18 Dec 2018 ... Received: 28 July 2018 – Discussion started: 23 August 2018. Revised: 3 ... burn et al., 2016a; Van Damme et al., 2017), and CrIS (Shep-.

Interfacial Cracks in Piezoelectric Bimaterials: an approach based ...


11 Oct 2016 ... arXiv:1501.02114v4 [math-ph] 11 Oct 2016 ... cial crack between dissimilar anisotropic piezoelectric materials under symmetric loading ...

A Morphology-Based Approach for Interslice ... - IEEE Xplore


55, NO. 8, AUGUST 2008. A Morphology-Based Approach for Interslice. Interpolation of Anatomical Slices. From Volumetric Images. Alexandra Branzan Albu. ∗.

A Fuzzy-based Process Mining Approach for Dynamic ... - Iit-Cnr


first is a rich set of techniques, introduced by Van der Aalst. [2] for extracting ... application, in this paper we use the term APK to indicate Android application.

A Graph-based Approach for Taxonomy Learning - Projectsgoal ...


[42] I. Novalija, D. Mladeni, and L. Bradeko, “OntoPlus: Text- driven ontology extension using ontology content, struc- ture and co-occurrence information,” ...

A Graph and Trace Clustering-based Approach for ... - SciTePress


abstraction-based technique (Bose and van der Aalst,. 2009; Baier ... proaches for solving the problem of ”spaghetti-like” process ... Aalst, 2011), the hospital log from Business Pro- ... (Song et al., 2009), MR and MRA (Bose and van der. Aalst ...