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guage of the sixteenth century as presented in the "tableau de la langue" in ... reffus, mocquerie, belle, mille, villenie, parolle, nulle, estoille, homme, couronne ... "qu'il est ja vie. 339). ... examples of grande: "comme elle est plus grand. "ces grandes lettres" ... (3184); fortraiez (3196); retraiez (3194); deportiez (174); souffriez ...

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On the Language of Christine de Pisan - jstor


guage of the sixteenth century as presented in the "tableau de la langue" in ... reffus, mocquerie, belle, mille, villenie, parolle, nulle, estoille, homme, couronne ... "qu'il est ja vie. 339). ... examples of grande: "comme elle est plus grand. "ces grandes lettres" ... (3184); fortraiez (3196); retraiez (3194); deportiez (174); souffriez ...

LANGUAGE! Effects of an Individualized Structured Language ... - jstor


AMI sites, selected the Comparison Group partic instructors had been previously trained to cond testing by the AMI educational administrators, an conduct the ...

The Language of Bodybuilding - jstor


Olympia contest, one of the participants, Serge Nubret, in a enduring an eight-hour training schedule seven days a week, pounds of meat, 400 grams of protein ...

On Tagalog as Dominant Language - jstor


principal factors which led to its present position of dominance among the Philippine languages. PREVIOUS DEFINITIONS. There have been previous definitions ...

Spanish as a second language when L1 is Quechua - jstor


scientific imperative. Keywords. Quechua, Spanish, second language acquisition, morphosyntax, phonology, sociolinguistics, pragmatics, documentation of ...

The Field of Language in Film - jstor


The three films which Laura Mulvey and I have made together (Pent. 1974; Riddles of the Sphinx, 1977; AMY!, 1980) all attack a single set of pr which are at the ...

Art and Industry: The Language of Modernization in the ... - jstor


wear clothing can be seen as a triumph of industry over art. However,. I will further ... vidualisation a outrance de la clientele [feminine]" which radically separated ...

Memoir No. 11. A VOCABULARY OF THE LAU LANGUAGE ... - jstor


afterwards, sui na. again, lau. against ... bathe, siu. bawl, Hi. be, tola, too. beach, fakana asi, i har?. beam, lololo. bear, afu, fungu ... waver, ro si lio. way, tala.

The Philippine Language Scene - jstor


to include its written representation. By this definition, the major linguistic systems of the Philippines are languages, although they are often referred to ...

Brains in a Vat, Language and Metalanguage - jstor


(13) T(s2) notp Thesis of equivalence. (14) notp (12), (13). SThese constants are names belonging to the metal object language. 2 The explanation of this ...

Language and Woman's Place - jstor


'Woman's language' has as foundation the attitude that women are marginal to the serious ... (b) That movie made me so sick I. Men seem to have the ... Lady is much more common than gent(leman), and, since gent exists, the reason is not ...

Second language acquisition and schizophrenia - jstor


ues to be considered to an extent in more recent studies (e.g. De Zulueta et al., 2001). ... polyglot supports this notio more effective tre immigration. IV Limitations in ... Covington MA, He C, Brown C, Naci L, McClain JT, Fjordbak BS, Semple J, ...

The Historical Dictionary of the Greek Language - jstor


While the relatively recent Hamburg Thesaurus. Linguae Graecael is well known to classical scholars, another major Greek thesaurus, already partly in print,.

The Portuguese Language on Curaçao and Its Role in the ... - jstor


"Le papiamento" 97; Les Modifications 2). The slave ... "Almeida, Alva, Alvares, Andrade, Arobas, Belmonte, Brandon, Britto, Bueno Vivas, ... 'Livro da Vida. ' ... an article by Mr. Florimón van Putte, in which the author describes the origin of a.

Recent Dutch-Language Publications - jstor


Een Amsterdamse familie in China. Doetinchem: Het Boekenschap, 2016, 415 pp. isbn 9789490085841. Price: eur 29.95 (hardback) (to order from www.

A Grammar and Vocabulary of the Dusun Language - jstor


H. Habit kohudaan ; custom adat. Hack, to monibas , tibason ; thing to be hacked at titibason. ... (body) momio d . Strew, to manasad, poposasad, posasadon ...

the controversy about the national language: some observations - jstor


The Philippines has, beside a great many blessings with which the Creator has endowed it, also the more dubious distinction of having not just one language ...

remarks on old french textualityand language - Jstor


tion de Keith Busby, M.J. Freeman, Sjef Houppermans, Paul Pelckmans et. CoVet, 104. ... parole françoise, / Si la puet on bien entendre en françois," wh.

Elfriede Jelinek's Language of Violence - jstor


Beatrice Hanssen. I. War by Other Means. Elfriede ... male socialization process, then Franza's sexual violation as her "sex" is ripped out ... Konstanze Fliedl sees Jelinek's double intervention in the pornography debates as evi- dence that her ...

The Influx of English in Japanese Language and Literature - jstor


thing Western is invading Japan: the English lan- guage. Although no ... words - the Japanese frequently call them "katakana ... Mild Seven, Joker, and Mr. Slim.

New Perspectives on the History of American Sign Language - jstor


1830), Alexandre Blanchet (1850), Joséphine. Brouland (1855), Pierre Pélissier (1856)—the only deaf author—. Abbé Lambert (1865), and Abbé Laveau (1868) ...

Language at Work: Children's Gendered Interpretations of ... - jstor


Lynn S. Liben, Rebecca S. Bigler, and Holleen R. Krogh. A large literature has shown that children's beliefs and aspirations about occupations reflect cultural ...

Liberating Oneself from the Absolutized Boundary of Language - jstor


APPROACH TO THE INTERPLAY OF SPEECH AND. SILENCE IN CHAN BUDDHISM. Youru Wang. Department of Philosophy and Religion, Rowan University.

The Language of the Glosses in the Bornu Quranic Manuscripts - jstor


24 http://www.intratext.com/ixt (18.04.2004). 25 Cf. a ... Les Manuscrits du Coran. ... http://www.intratext.com/ixt/ENG0027/_P3.htm (18.04.2004): Muslim Students ...

Language and Economic History on St. Barthélemy, French ... - jstor


Barth. The St. Barths themselves have no explanation for it. They recognize the various linguistic differences on different parts of the island, and they ...

Myth and the New Science: Vico, Tiepolo, and the Language ... - jstor


Battis ta Vico (1668-1744) has been the object of consider able attention ... Arsenale, 1984), 177-96; Patricia Fortini Brown, "The Self-Definition of the Venetian ...

Feeling at Home in Language (What Makes Reading ... - jstor


FEELING AT HOME IN LANGUAGE. (What Makes Reading Philosophical. Investigations Possible?) Philosophers often behave like little children who scribble.

Fantastic Language: Jeanette Winterson's Recovery of the ... - jstor


Fantastic Language: Jeanette Win. Recovery of the Postmodern Wo eanette Winterson's novels have always been ing with the conventions of fantasy and stret.

Language, Perception, and the Cogito in Merleau-Ponty's ... - jstor


for study in Belgium. Special thanks for his time and assistance are offered to Professor. Jacques Taminiaux of the University of Louvain as well as Professors ...

SCAN: A Simple Conversational Programming Language for ... - jstor


The programming language SCAN described in this paper represents an attempt to provide an ... so that if the source document is a piece of poetry, a sentence would probably be defined as a line. ... This program causes a variable, N 1, to be increased by one at e ... Stephen V. F. Waite and Diane G. Mather,. Hanover ...

Treacherous Allies: Foreign Language Grammar Checkers - jstor


ABSTRACT. This article discusses the use of a French computerized grammar checker as a learning and teaching resource. As is well known, foreign language.

Hughes, Plath, and Aeschylus: Allusion and Poetic Language - jstor


primarily in a conversational realm, where the idiom is speech idiom and the ... The Java Man's bone grinders sublimed into chat. Words buckle the ... ther" (line 16: compare the opening of "Trophies," THCP 1054, and also. Plath's "Pursuit ...

stabilizing features in substandard flemish: the chat language ... - Jstor


Although linked to a written medium, chat communication is claimed to be conceptually oral (Schlobinski 2005, 132). The real-time and nearly synchronous ...

Effects of Alternative Language Media on Learning in Nigeria - jstor


Media on Learning in Nigeria. Adedeji Awoniyi, Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan; and. Florence B. 0. Ala, Oyo State College of Education, Ilesa, Nigeria.

Computer Detection of Errors in Natural Language Texts - jstor


"two avaitors Deadalus and Icarus procured to themselves wings." 2) Noun Clauses: When using noun clauses beginning with "that," inexperienced writers.

Alien Adventures: Exoticism in Italian-Language Baroque Opera - jstor


its background (Turnhout,. 2008), pp.81?102 (at p.81). See also Angelo Mich?le. Piemontese: 'Persia e persiani nel drama per m?sica veneziano', in Opera.