Film - CiTR Radio

6 Jul 2018 ... Neurosis, Converge, Amenra @ Commodore. Ballroom. ·. Carnaval del Sol @ Concord ... words by Joshua Azizi.

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Film - CiTR Radio

6 Jul 2018 ... Neurosis, Converge, Amenra @ Commodore. Ballroom. ·. Carnaval del Sol @ Concord ... words by Joshua Azizi.

A guide to CiTR fm 101.9 - CiTR Radio

28 Feb 2013 ... AB: Electronic is easy to say, but then as soon as you say ... AB: With the new album, they let us have so ... KV: Grimes, Mount Kimbie, LCD.

Porn incident hits CiTR radio - UBC Library

20 Sep 2019 ... porn session that broke station rules and set the rumour mills turning . CiTR should ... In the reading of "L'Histoire de Babar, le petit elephant" ...

Porn incident hits CiTR radio - UBC Library - University of British ...

20 Sep 2019 ... porn session that broke station rules and set the rumour mills turning . CiTR should ... In the reading of "L'Histoire de Babar, le petit elephant" ...

Film Radio Tv - Film-Radio-Televisie - JEM van Drunen

PK-activiteiten in Nederland na terugkomst uit de Oost. 267. Van NL ... NVHR schenking 16mm filmprojector en films. RH1/98-5 ... schakeling die ik in het grijze verleden eens in een uitgave van ... manager in die tijd was Ir. de Jager,. NL-732 ...


16 Nov 2010 ... Pro Nails. @ Cobalt. Jason Collett, Al T uck, Ora. Cogan. @ Biltmore. Rufus W ainwright ... mons would be proud of, and thunder- ing distorted ...

EG DAB FM-Radio Radio DAB-FM Radio DAB-FM ... - Vanden Borre

DAB-FM-radio. Model No. RF-D20BT. Um eine optimale Leistung und Sicherheit zu gewährleisten, lesen Sie bitte diese. Bedienungsanleitung sorgfältig durch.

Radio-Ink-Radio's-75.. - American Radio History

Avis, Alamo & Hertz Car Rental - offers discounts off of daily and weekly car rentals. ... free meals. When the ... records?" "Sure," she answered, quizzi- cally.

Ajyal Youth Film Festival Film Guide - Doha Film Institute

29 Nov 2015 ... Welcome to the 2015 Ajyal Youth Film Festival 4. Ajyal Competition, Jury and Awards 5. Opening Night: MENA Premiere of 'The Idol' by Hany ...

Regional Radio Audience Measurement Surveys Tool ... - Radio Alive

2019 Xtra Insights. 4. Available Dayparts. •. Overall: Mon-Sun all times. •. Breakfast: Mon-Fri 5.30am-9am. •. Morning: Mon-Fri 9am-12nn. •. Afternoon: Mon-Fri ...

Une Radio libre en pays de Caux - Radio Solaris - Free

dans la caverne d'Ali Baba ni devant le rayon hi-fi de Carrefour ou celui de Darty à ... sence d'une journaliste professionnelle Josiane Romero, présentatrice à ... Légitime démence. Les petits calins - Bœuf mode - Jazz party. Jean tonic. Nov.

Radio Galaxy Zoo: ClaRAN-A Deep Learning Classifier for Radio ...

29 Oct 2018 ... formed on-the-fly in a streaming mode on each input image. Zero-centering ... vF i. ) are coordinates of the sample points on F. The output from ST_RoI_Pool is a set R of RoI feature maps of size ... “confident” classification result. This is ... Alger M. J., et al., 2018, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronom-.

Radio Sources in the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey I. Radio Source ...

of galaxies in the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey, (2dFGRS) based on thirty 2dF fields covering a total area of about 100deg2. About 1·5% of galaxies with bJ < 19·4 ...

World-Radio-1932-03 - American Radio History

WOK. D -RADIO. [589' propagation of ultra short -waves it was considered desirable to dispense with an open aerial. ... Radio Chatelineau (Belgium) . . J. 1205.

111._ to radio want more music variety - American Radio History

23 Mar 2002 ... Alizee (Moi Lolita/Polydor) are turn- ing out really strong, ... Native/Je Manques De Toi ... Coralie Clement-L'Ombre Et La Lumle)re. Departure ...

R lijst particuliere radio's - Lokale Radio in Vlaanderen

30 mei 2017 ... 3H/DIE/01 V.R.D.. Diepenbeek. 106,5 MHz. 109). VZW RADIO VRD. Paanhuisstraat 9 bus 4 ... 9140 TEMSE. 03/7778383. 03/7661560.

The Fine Values of Radio - American Radio History

Key,ith Howard's Microphone. 4.15: A. 8. Cochrane's Orchestral. Hour. 5.0: Children's. Beulot. d'Palry. Godmother." 5.35: Mualc. 6.40: The Hello Man's Children's.

lijst van de lokale radio's 2003 - Vrije radio

3 juli 2003 ... Zoersel. 104.6 MHz. 25). VZW RADIO KEMPEN. Halledorp 125. 2980 ZOERSEL. 03/3842379. Halledorp 125 ... VZW VERONA. Nieuwstraat 9.

antique radio classified - American Radio History

20 Nov 2004 ... or The Southern Appalachian. Radio Museum, ap lace your equipment ... Olen 71.4909 •Far 1. 7I (. 0 73.5757 kircle5.43pcc no. A 1J1C011- N c.

My Favorite HAM Radio Software - Hamfester's Ham Radio Club

12 Mar 2017 ... Grid Square Locators DX Zone Maps

lijst particuliere radio's (alle) - Vrije radio

3 juli 2003 ... 014/318571. 014/312103. 7 d - 24u. 1T/MOL/03 GOMPEL. Mol. 105.2 MHz. 64). VZW VRIJE RADIO NOORDZEE. Onze-Lieve-Vrouwestraat.


1 feb 2020 ... Assur via een geheime gang het mauso- leum heeft betreden, en vraagt Arbate, hoofd van de koninklijke garde, de koningin in veiligheid te ...

movie-radio - American Radio History

Rooney,. with Cecelia. Parker hack and tires Donna Reed.- ... WHP -hack Keane in Tenn. W1P- luarletuiaiters Waiter ... momio rrMROU6.rn .I.eAT ettaur. lYri'tue.

Radio 2303.pdf - Old Time Radio Researchers

For professional or amateur radio use, where noiselessness ... great measure for its efficiency. is the new Erla Duo-Reflex ... M. M. Fleron & Son,. Inc. Trenton ...


V intervjuju pa smo izvedeli, kako na Radio 1 in Radio Celje gleda Igor Kukovec, ki sodeluje pri oblikovanju radijskega programa na obeh radijskih postajah.

we taller to radio - American Radio History

19 Sep 1998 ... ance company Assumax and car importer Beherman. The other 49 percent is owned by NRJ's company in southern Belgium, NRJ Belgique.

The faint radio sky: radio astronomy becomes mainstream

2 Sep 2016 ... Giommi P., Padovani P., Polenta G. (2013) A simplified view of blazars: ... Smolcic V., Padovani P., Delhaize J., Prandoni I., Seymour N., Jarvis.

R lijst particuliere radio's - Vrije radio

8 maart 2007 ... 1T/GEE/02 Geel FM. Geel. 107 MHz. 45). VZW STUDIO MI-AMIGO. Antwerpseweg 17. 2440 GEEL. 014/588282. 014/591232 [email protected]

Ham Radio - Dutch Amateur Radio Union

2 dec 2014 ... Anthony Stirk (M0UPU) AVA (UK) ... ... FT790 voor de 70 cm band zaten al die jaren in verhuisdoos 22.

World -Radio - American Radio History

special train, with car service between station and studio ... Rocourt). Joyeusement sans nulz faux tour (Guyot). Le soir etend son voile (Mathieu Le Maistre).

radio communication - American Radio History

1 Oct 2019 ... ull chat? Ihave an i nter- esting amateur nearby who affords me great amusement a. t t imes with h is o ld-style 0S0s—NOT t he dreadful contest ...

Radio Guide - American Radio History

tion to do the screen play and Gold- ... Dutch, for peace and the continuation ... 26-Nazi fifth columnists arrested in the Dutch East Indies are now imprisoned in a.

van jongerenradio tot community radio - Radio Respect

Broos Claerhout. 2013 ... maar de banden zijn er een stuk sterker. ... De sterkte van de band tussen individuen en gemeenschappen is volgens crimino- loog en ...

amateur radio -

1 Apr 2014 ... Catronics Communications. C.B. Electronics. Commercial Communications. Crayford Electronics. Electrosearch Ltd. Leeds Amateur Radio.

Retro Alarm Clock Radio Radio-Réveil Rétro CR35 ... - Electrohome

Online live web chat: www.electrohome. ... Le radio-réveil rétro est équippé avec la fonction « SYNCHRONISATION AUTOMATIQUE DE L'HEURE. ». Lorsque ...

RADIO VIRGINIE, suite : RADIO VIRGINIE multiplie les ... - Pat Rigal

RADIO VIRGINIE EN DIRECT depuis le "1000 Pattes", discothèque du centre de Flers, tenue par Yvan SÉBASTIEN, homme de spectacle, de la vie nocturne, ...