On the semantics of wh-questions - Hadas Kotek

(2) English simplex questions require wh-fronting: Which book did John read ? In a multiple question, only one wh-phrase is fronted, with additional wh-phrases ...

On the semantics of wh-questions - Hadas Kotek - Gerelateerde documenten

On the semantics of wh-questions - Hadas Kotek


(2) English simplex questions require wh-fronting: Which book did John read ? In a multiple question, only one wh-phrase is fronted, with additional wh-phrases ...

Prototype Semantics or Feature Semantics - an alternative? - CORE


Lilith M. Haynes. Of Pineapples, Pomelos, and ... As opposed to t h i s , Coleman/Kay (198I) and Geeraerts (1984), for ex-. / ample, stress the advantage that only ...

20190908 Semantics-Adveo - SEMANTiCS 2019


8 Sep 2019 ... The office supply sector in which ADVEO operates, has suffered a profound transformation which affects all the processes of the value chain ...

Sample Level II Item-Set Questions Questions 1 ... - CFA Institute


Skate-O-Rama is Canada's largest owner and operator of recreational ice facilities and ... generates revenue from three sources: in-house skating programs (71 ...

QUESTIONS – NEGATIONS QN 4 Ask questions ... - English Grammar


Ask questions with each of the question words! 1. We went home quickly in the evening. (how, where, when). 2. Peter watched his friend closely (whom, how). 3.

Questions and Answers 1. Questions from Belgian residents of ...


pay the DOSZ-contribution, as your DOSZ-rights are preserved. Q1.3 I am a Belgian citizen; I work in Japan and pay my social security here. If I return to Belgium ...

The lexical field, a key to semantics


This is, from our point of view, its main asset. KEY WORDS. Semantics, lexical fields, methodology, study strategies. CAUCE,. Revista.

The semantics of interjection - ScienceDirect.com


The author shows that while the meaning of interjections cannot be adequately captured in terms of emotion words such as disgust, it can be captured in terms of ...

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temperature. To describe such a measure with soup, a GA like hot must be used (9b). (9) a. ... much, hot and fast measure the same individuals (in the present cases, portions of coffee ... Leora Anne Bar-el (eds.) ... In F. Kiefer & N. Ruwet (eds.) ...

Supervised ranking: from semantics to algorithms


9 Nov 2003 ... UGent.be (kim [email protected]). [email protected] ... Magee, Bekentenissen van een filosoof (original title: Confessions of a.

Formalization of the semantics of iconic languages: An ... - Hal


25 Sep 2017 ... in three modules: the icon ontology, the domain ontology and ... Table 1: The syntax and the semantics of a DLs knowledge base O. A and B ...

On the semantics of English coordinate compounds


29 Aug 2010 ... between the two nouns. ... manservant, even though the first noun is clearly subordinate to the second one (the ... Lille: Atelier National.

Complementizer Semantics in European Languages


ars use the term complementizer in a wide sense, including complement markers ... 'If I hadn't seen you, I would have had to wait a lot until the bazaar opens.'.

How to do comparison in a language without degrees: a semantics ...


We propose a semantics for Fijian comparatives that makes no appeal to degree arguments, and discuss possibles source of the cross-linguistic variation. 1.

The Semantics of Kin Term Usage - jstor


Because kin terms are thus seen to be used both genealogically and ... (FaSi), diaza (MoSi), en4te (SiHu), nene (BrWi), aga (eBr), aba (eSi), FNaga (PaSbSo),.

RUDOLF CARNAP, Introduction to Semantics. 171 many of his ...


and the whole work is written with that perfect honesty, simplicity and directness which are the marks of a master. F. C. BABTLETT. Introduction to Semantics.

Semantics of weakening and contraction - ScienceDirect.com


Bart Jacobs '. Mathematical Instintte, Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, P.0. Box 80.010, 3508 TA Utrecht, Netherlands. Received 22 May 1992; revised 18 October 1993; ...

the semantics of quiller-couch - jstor


and Magoon's Unified English Composition,. 1942: 'Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, in The Art of. Writing, labeled this kind of language jargon because many of the ...

Notes on the Comparison Class - Semantics Archive


By adopting a degree-based framework more generally, it is possible to give a unified analysis to cases such as these as well as those where degrees are not ...

Trace-Based Coinductive Operational Semantics for While


Here, duplast τ, defined corecursively, traverses τ and duplicates its last state, if it is finite. Similarly, τ |=∗ e and τ |=∗ e traverse τ and evaluate e in the last.

KENNETH G. JOHNSON - Institute of General Semantics


KENNETH G. JOHNSON (Ph.D. University of Wis- consin) is Professor of Mass Communication at the. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has been teaching ...

Presupposition and Assertion in Dynamic Semantics - CodeNLP


1The liveliest criticism of ideas presented here is found in work by Bart Geurts and ... Abusch, Nic Asher, Johan van Benthem, Martin van den Berg, Patrick.

The Holy Grail of Semantic SEO - SEMANTiCS 2018


Ok Google, what is personal assistant search optimization? “40.7% of all voice search answers come from a featured snippet.” Brian Dean - Backlinko ...

Semantics, Content, and Structure of Many for ... - of Ansgar Scherp


creating such photo albums on the basis of prints from ana- log photos arranged in ... each order of a finished photo book CeWe Color receives an order file that ...

Spatial Cognition and the Semantics of Prepositions in ... - OAPEN


R U nego na Ibu bvlo rodimoe pjatno. I held mv hands on his shoulders: P Trzymałem rece na ieao plecach: R īa derżal ruki na jego piećakh. Support is also ...

Design and semantics of form and movement (DeSForM 2015)


13 Oct 2015 ... Edgar Rodriguez. Dagmar Steffen ... Dagmar Steffen,. Lucerne ... Vanhamme, J. and Snelders, D. What if you surprise your customers…

Design and semantics of form and movement - Northumbria University


16 Oct 2015 ... Edgar Rodriguez. Dagmar Steffen ... Dagmar Steffen,. Lucerne ... Vanhamme, J. and Snelders, D. What if you surprise your customers…

Wikipedia-Based Distributional Semantics for Entity ... - AAAI


represents a Wikipedia article (entity) and their relatedness scores are reflected ... IBM as IT companies, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as Hol- lywood celebrities ...

the semantics of kin term usage<link href='#fn1'> - AnthroSource


Because kin terms are thus seen to be used both genealogically and ... (FaSi), diazo (MoSi), eniqte (SiHu), nene (BrWi), aga (eBr), aba (esi), FNaga (PaSbSo),.

Number Marking and (In)definiteness in Kind ... - Semantics Archive


6 Chierchia (1998) notes that the Russian bare singular is not compatible with the kind level predicate wymer 'be extinct'and takes this to indicate that it is not ...

Dionysus in Israel: The Semantics of ṢḤQ in the Hebrew Bible - jstor


"play," "mock," and "play around (with a sexual nuance)."4 I will argue that this wide semantic field is not the result of a metaphoric extension. 2 Franz Delitzsch ...

Empirical Issues in Syntax and Semantics 9 - CSSP - CNRS


no, at the Royal Ballet School (he) studies (# classical dance) ... COFFRE. b1. C'est SUR LE COFFRE que Paul a trouvé des empreintes. *!. * c1. ... non-topicability of singular universal quantifiers to a clash between the denotation of the.

Korean classifier-less number constructions1 - Semantics Archive


Korean classifier-less number constructions1. Dorothy AHN — Harvard University. Abstract. Korean is a generalized classifier language where classifiers are ...