Tantra. Przekaz szeptem

Projekt graficzny okładki: Babette Elise Huijsman. Druk: ABEDIK S. A. w Poznaniu. Książka została wydrukowana na papierze arctic silk 100 g. Wydanie I.

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Tantra. Przekaz szeptem


Projekt graficzny okładki: Babette Elise Huijsman. Druk: ABEDIK S. A. w Poznaniu. Książka została wydrukowana na papierze arctic silk 100 g. Wydanie I.

Tantra. Genieten van je verlangen - tantra, trainingen en therapie


Deze oefening over het kijken naar objecten van verlangen gaat net zoals de chips oefe- ning over leren genieten van het verlangen. PARA-ASTRO. 7 ...

tantra - Abhidharma.ru


hood" - Tantric practice took a new (for Shingon) highly sexualized coloring, typical of Supreme Yoga Tantra consecrations (described in Snellgrove 1987:.

Reportage - The New Tantra


Kvinders udsendte tog manden med på workshop hos The New Tantra. Alex Vartman, leder og grundlæg- ger af The New Tantra, er klædt i verdens mindste ...

The Cakrasamvara Tantra - Abhidharma.ru


past generation, partly as a result of the Tibetan diaspora. ... The Cakrasamvara Tantra in India and Tibet 697 ... the gates and quarters of the mandala palace. ... Willemen, C, 1983, The Chinese Hevajratantra, Uitgeverij Peeters, Leuven, ...

The Net of Tantra On-line - jstor


one site, the Church of Tantra. Next, I will examine whether Tantra on- line falls within accepted scholarly characterizations of new religions and New Age ...

The Mahāmāyā Tantra Mahāmāyātantra


According to the post-tenth-century classification scheme of the Tibetan New Schools (gsar ma), the Mahāmāyātantra is categorized as a Mother tantra (ma rgyud) ...

durgatiparo0diana tantra - Abhidharma.ru


and the homa rites may be performed in them to help overcome difficulties on the way to ... and the commentaries in deciding which reading is to be preferred, ... consecrate their name(card), consecrate their effigy, consecrate ... rdu« nl yob) .

tantra reborn - THE NEW YOGA


These are rooted in an entirely new understanding of 'tantric sex' (Maithuna) as the expression of a spiritual but highly sensual intercourse of soul – as soul body ...

the book of tantra - THE NEW YOGA


belonging to the Old Yoga and. New Age ideas of 'tantric sex' are reinterpreted in a completely new light – the light of a New Tantra of the soul body and of 'soul ...

118 persoonlijk verhaalJW.indd - The New Tantra


informatie avond van The New Tantra (TNT) te bezoeken. We zaten in een kring en luisterden naar Alex Vartman, de bedenker, oprichter, leider en leermeester ...

Osho Zen Tarot - Escuela de Tantra


Su traje contiene los colores de los cuatro elementos del Tarot, indicando que él está en armonía con todo lo que le rodea. Su intuición funciona al máximo. En ...

The colours of Tantra. - Pure Affair


When we orgasm and don't ejaculate it is called injaculation. Injaculation happens naturally in some males, and it is medically referred to as retrograde orgasm.

eine Entgegnung auf Daniel Odier - Secret of Tantra


Eine Erwiderung auf Daniel Odier. Wie seinerzeit das klassische Tantra, ist auch heute Tantra umstritten. Das gilt für alle seinen. Varianten, auch für die im ...

The Dasa(Ten) Mahavidyas In Tantra, worship of ... - Hindu Online


In Tantra, worship of Devi-Shakti is referred to as a Vidya. Of the ... Successful sadhana of these Vidyas gives several boons to the practitioner. The Tantrik-.

Współczesna tantra. Nowy wymiar rozkoszy - Wydawnictwo Vital


„Współczesna Tantra” Barbary przedstawia seks w prawdziwy sposób, a co ... Moje najserdeczniejsze podziękowania dla Elise Bish, Hayley. Caspers, Liany ...