SpiderCNN: Deep Learning on Point Sets with Parameterized ...

12 Sep 2018 ... domains lacking a regular underlying structures such as 3D point clouds. ... BIC Chinese Academy of Sciences (172644KYSB20150019).

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SpiderCNN: Deep Learning on Point Sets with Parameterized ...


12 Sep 2018 ... domains lacking a regular underlying structures such as 3D point clouds. ... BIC Chinese Academy of Sciences (172644KYSB20150019).

Deep Reinforcement Learning with Double Q-learning - arXiv


8 Dec 2015 ... Hado van Hasselt and Arthur Guez and David Silver ... This is the idea behind Double Q-learning (van Hasselt,. 2010). ... Kung-Fu Master.

Learning to Perform a Tetris with Deep Reinforcement Learning


Thus, the game of Tetris poses several interesting RL challenges. ... piece as well as the next piece selection (http://tetris.wikia.com/wiki/TGM_randomizer).

Deep Reinforcement Learning: Q-Learning - Svetlana Lazebnik


Peter Abbeel's Artificial Intelligence - Berkeley (Spring 2015) ... Yuke Zhu, Roozbeh Mottaghi, Eric Kolve, Joseph J. Lim, Abhinav Gupta, Li Fei-Fei, Ali Farhadi ...

Deep Learning - ORBi


Deep Learning. Past, present and future. Prof. Gilles Louppe, Chaire NRB [email protected] 1 / 36. Page 2. Past. 1 / 36. Page 3. Perceptron Research from ...

Deep Attribute Learning - TU Dortmund


Neural Networks. Deep Learning. Specialization. (Image sources: blog.finjan.com, tomtunguz.com, 3Blue1Brown @ youtube.com, blogspot.com). Gernot A. Fink.

Intercept X Deep Learning - Sophos


Intercept X Deep Learning. Intercept X kombiniert Deep Learning mit branchenführender Anti-Exploit-Technologie,. CryptoGuard-Anti-Ransomware ...

report - CS230 Deep Learning


We also employed this paired dataset to train our initial Pix2Pix explorations and power the sketch data in our CycleGAN. We used the NVIDIA FFHQ faces ...

Deep Reinforcement Learning that Matters - arXiv


2017). We use the Hopper- ... OpenAI Gym: Hopper-v1, HalfCheetah-v1, Swimmer-v1 and ... van Hasselt, H. P.; Guez, A.; Hessel, M.; Mnih, V.; and Silver,.

A First Look at Deep Learning Apps on Smartphones - arXiv


showing the prosperity of mobile deep learning frameworks as well ... For each app, we download its apk file and crawl its meta information (e.g. app ... [22] 2018. Microsoft Azure ML Studio. https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/ ... International Conference on Multimedia, MM '14, Orlando, FL, USA, November 03.

Deep Learning for Metagenomic Data: using 2D Embeddings and ...


1 Dec 2017 ... Jean-Daniel Zucker. IRD, UMMISCO, France [email protected] Abstract. Deep learning (DL) techniques have had unprecedented ...

Deep Mutual Learning - University of Edinburgh


Moreover mutually learned student networks achieve bet- ter results than students trained by conventional distillation from a larger pre-trained teacher.

Slither.io Deep Learning Bot - [email protected]


12 Jun 2017 ... It rode the curtails of a previous popular game called agar.io, but the overall ... return a list of wholly circular objections on screen. The only filled ...



Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop so that they can witness deep learning at ... Hasselt University - campus Hasselt - room to be determined.

Learning Deep on Cyberbullying is Always Better Than Brute Force


1-nen no anoko desuyo ne? kimogatterunde yamete agete kudasai. Wanna know who likes that awfuly ugly 2nd-grade Azalea girl? Its that 1st-grader isn't it?

Datasheet: Intercept X Deep Learning - Sophos


Intercept X Deep Learning. Intercept X combines deep learning with best-in-class anti-exploit technology,. CryptoGuard anti-ransomware, root cause analysis, ...

End-to-end Deep Learning of Optical Fiber ... - UCL Discovery


Lau, “Machine learning methods for optical commu- nication systems,” in Advanced Photonics 2017 (IPR, NOMA, Sensors,. Networks, SPPCom, PS), OSA ...

A Deep Learning At Scale and At Ease - NUS Computing


deep learning models for real-life multimedia applications in SINGA shows that the platform is both usable and scalable. ... walking castle belgium raw.

Leveraging Deep Learning to Improve the Performance ... - arXiv


2 May 2019 ... Performance Predictability of Cloud Microservices. Yu Gan ... Figure 5. The architecture of the end-to-end E-commerce application ... de Carvalho, Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville, Liane Margarida Rock- enbach Tarouco ...

Playing FlappyBird with Deep Reinforcement Learning - CS231n


the popular mobile game - Flappy Bird. ... Flappy bird (Figure 1) is a game in which the player ... learning can happen online and the agent can learn to re-.

Using Deep Learning to Estimate Systolic and Diastolic volumes ...


a 4-chamber view. The SAX views, whose planes are perpendicular to the long axis of the left ventricle, form a series of slices that (ideally) cover the entire heart.

Untitled - CS230 Deep Learning - Stanford University


predict that Forest Gump will be a great movie and Fifty Shades Darker will not be as ... regression on 5 thousand movies from IMDB and finds that the number of ...

A Differentiable Physics Engine for Deep Learning in Robotics


24 Nov 2018 ... Dambre,Francis.wyffels}@UGent.be. Abstract. An important field in robotics is the optimization of controllers. Currently, robots are often treated ...

Deep Learning with Coherent Nanophotonic Circuits arXiv ...


7 Oct 2016 ... Deep Learning with Coherent Nanophotonic. Circuits. Yichen Shen1∗, Nicholas C. Harris1∗, Scott Skirlo1, Mihika Prabhu1, Tom ...

Dueling Network Architectures for Deep Reinforcement Learning


5 Apr 2016 ... factor that trades-off the importance of immediate and fu- ... tional structure of DQN (Mnih et al., 2015; van Hasselt ... Kung-Fu MasterAmidar.

Action Branching Architectures for Deep Reinforcement Learning


25 Jan 2019 ... To address the overoptimism in the Q-value estimations, van Hasselt, ... N = 3 in Hopper-v1) renders the Dueling DDQN agent in- effective.

Deep Learning for Speech/Language Processing - Microsoft


... memory decays fast or explode (1990's). --- how to rescue it (2010's, in the new deep learning era) ... Sak, Senior, Beaufays. “LSTM Recurrent Neural. Network ...

Learning Complex Dexterous Manipulation with Deep ... - arXiv


Deep Reinforcement Learning and Demonstrations. Aravind Rajeswaran1∗, Vikash ... [40] A. Rajeswaran, K. Lowrey, E. Todorov, and S. Kakade. Towards.

Deep Learning- Based Approaches for Sentiment Analysis


Sentiment knowledge discovery in Twitter streaming data. In. Proceedings of ... and the corresponding dataset12 by Kaggle and Jigsaw. Another ... w∈Ve∪Vf.

A Deep Learning-based Framework for the Detection of ... - arXiv


18 Oct 2019 ... Correspondence to: Alexandra. Branzan Albu <[email protected]>. Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning Workshop at the 33rd ...

Deep Learning for Segmentation using an Open Large ... - CREATIS


Lasse Lovstakken, and Olivier Bernard. Abstract—Delineation of the cardiac structures from 2D echocardiographic images is a common clinical task to establish.

How Social-Emotional Imagination Facilitates Deep Learning and ...


to creatively conjure alternative perspectives, emotional feelings, courses of action ... Imagination facilitates creative, critical dispositions toward new content and ...

ModelHub.AI: Dissemination Platform for Deep Learning Models


ModelHub.AI is domain-, data-, and framework-agnostic, catering to different workflows and contributors' preferences. Keywords​— ​Artificial Intelligence, Deep ...

Deep Learning for RF Signal Classification in Unknown and ... - arXiv


25 Sep 2019 ... Compared with benchmark TDMA-based schemes, we show that ... [23]) and superposition of signals types due to concurrent transmissions.

Deep learning with coherent nanophotonic circuits - Nature


Deep Learning with Coherent Nanophotonic Circuits. Yichen Shen∗, Nicholas C. Harris∗, Scott Skirlo, Mihika Prabhu, Tom Baehr-Jones, Michael Hochberg,.

Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition - The Computer ...


Our 34- layer baseline has 3.6 billion FLOPs (multiply-adds), which is only 18% of VGG-19 (19.6 billion FLOPs). 3772. Page 4. 7x7 conv, 64, /2 pool, /2.