Equus caballus Linnaeus, 1758 (Mammalia: Perissodactyla), NA LOKALITETU. BOROVA GLAVA NA PLANINI CINCAR. Nedim Šuta, Bakir Degirmendžić, ...

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Half (15) of CFQparents6–13 categories were related to body fun- ction (b), 40% ... (e460); individual attitudes of acquaintances, peers, colleagues, neighbours ...

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27 ноя 2019 ... ПАО «ГМК «Норильский никель». (с. 5-32). 45 лет ... Phone/fax: 7 (495) 638-45-18. E-mail: ... club in Magnitogorsk in the 1930s .

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MAS, Bart Huysmans and Michel Wuyts. 7 Warmenbol 2013. 8 This copy forms part of Eugène Warmenbol's library. 9 Also known as Jorge Bonsor (Maier 1999).

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Deist & Winterton, 2005; Mulder, 2007; Beckett, 2008), they extend the classification of com- petences to ... gutters and garage doors. Production ... structure χ2/df acceptable at 3.62 (Hooper, Coughlan, & Mullen, 2008), Tucker Lewis Index.

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One of the first density gradient centrifugation techniques was developed in the 1950s and used a buffered sucrose solution for the purification of cell organelles.

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builds upon the linguistic theories of Ferdinand de Saussu and came to be ... 5. Robert Ames. 6. Mr. Vance. Writer's Main Works: 1. Jannie Gerhardt (1911). 2.

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begijnhoffeesten, Breda, juni 1980 (Breda, 1980), pp. 9-29. M o m m a e rs , P., Hadewijch: Writer, Beguine, Love Mystic. (Leuven, 2004). M o n n o n , P., Les ...

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de alluviale vlakte voor de Dijlevallei ter hoogte van Neerijse en Sint-Joris-Weert, ongeveer 10km zuidwaarts van Leuven. De topografie van dit gebied wordt ...

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Brown J.P., Murray T.M., Adachi J.D., Hanley D.A., Papadimitropoulos E. 2000. Canadian Normative ... Н. adspera (Redt., 1889). Нижнее ... You should not put dot (full stop) before the double slash // but spaces before and af- ter the double ...

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Admdan da anl~ddlfr gibi eski ye yerel bir karakter ta~lyan Trebenna da, bagla~lgl Onobara da bu Solyrn topraklan uzerinde yer alan ku<;:uk yerlqim birimleridir ...

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... concerns the so- cial enterprise “Tejo”, an organisation engaged in psychothera- ... Ghent, Kortrijk, Bruges, Lier, Ronse and Kempen-Turnhout (Tejo,. 2016).

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Hubo asociación positiva entre el tamaño del grupo y el tamaño del territorio (rs = 0.63, P = 0.029), y entre ... A. N. O. TABLE 1. Group size and composition, territory size and quality, and interaction ... pied the largest area of all groups studied.

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20 May 2017 ... again “Thanks” for Comenius University U3A in Bratislava and to all of. AIUTA members ... after an Erasmus academic mission at Liege. Getting ...

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Bij het opstellen van de Belgische textuurdriehoek heeft men de klassen aangepast aan het bodemlandschap van België. De zandige tot lemige bodems komen ...

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Guidelines for Data Processing and. Analysis of the International Physical. Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ). – Short and Long Forms. November 2005. Contents. 1.

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1 Jul 2001 ... of farmed species has created a new challenge to the veteri- nary surgeon called upon to ... series, Aqua MAX ULTRA 370 series (ATB Umwelttech- nologien ... Bosland, P. W., Coon, D., Reeves, G., 2012: Trinidad. Moruga ...

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molens en het inrichten van een hertenpark met haagbeuken. ... In molens werd deze niet splijt- ... Hugo Nackaerts, Chris Vandenbempt en Wies Scheys voor.

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Kilchmann, D., 2007: Studie bemepro: Auswahlplan 2012 für die Zentrale Auswertung von. Buchhaltungszahlen, Aktennotiz, Bundesamt für Statistik, Neuenburg ...

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Separation of human lymphocytes on the basis of volume and density. Hutchins, D. and. Steel, C.M. In Separation of Cells and Subcellular Elements (Peeters, H., ...

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Dès 1820, Biot et Savart énoncent la loi qui donne la force, créée par un fil parcouru ... Au lieu de suivre l'ordre historique, et partir des lois de Biot et de Laplace, ...

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рабатывается внутри вертикально-интегриро- ванных холдингов. ГК «РусАгро» реализует на рынках В2В живок, полутуши, индустриаль- ный крупный ...

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E.g., Elizabeth Dhanens, Van Eyck: The Ghent Altarpiece (London: Allen Lane, ... as organ shutters,10 as has sometimes been suggested, but proof is lacking. 4.