R4 Rural Resilience Initiative - Oxfam America

r4 rural resilience in Senegal: 2013 end-of-Season assessment. 7. Status summary. 11 ... “Micro-Insurance: the Next revolution?” In: Banerjee, a.,. Benabou, r.

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R4 Rural Resilience Initiative - Oxfam America


r4 rural resilience in Senegal: 2013 end-of-Season assessment. 7. Status summary. 11 ... “Micro-Insurance: the Next revolution?” In: Banerjee, a.,. Benabou, r.

Oxfam's Future of Business Initiative - Oxfam International


1 Sep 2017 ... 4 Oxfam's role in the Fair. Trade movement and as a founder of the Fairtrade Foundation has yielded lessons about the importance of business ...

A Companion Guide to Resilience - Oxfam International


™ath Village. She is married to the village chief, Sonphet, and the couple have six children who are all studying in Vientiane. Over the past decade a paved road ...

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lasting solutions to poverty and injustice: Oxfam America (www.oxfamamerica.org),. Oxfam Australia (www.oxfam.org.au),. Oxfam-in-Belgium (www.oxfamsol.be),.

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logo is a registered trademark of Stichting Oxfam International. Oxfam Supports the Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act of 2013. The “Foreign Aid ...

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Enterprise, or WISE—Oxfam and its part- ... OXFAM AND THE privATE sEcTOr ... and the Oxfam logo is a registered trademark of Stichting Oxfam International.

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These are findings from Oxfam America's Program to Prevent Gender Based Violence in El Salvador. The program ... 2005 under its own logo and slogan, “Entre.

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2014 Oxfam America, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Oxfam America and Hunger Banquet are registered trademarks of Oxfam America,. Inc., and the Oxfam logo is a ...

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12 Apr 2018 ... change, diversity and inclusion, and tax, Oxfam found that in the year after ... ath on. P etr ole u m. P h illip s 6. 6. V ale ro. E n er gy. A n d ea vo.

Transformative and Feminist Leadership for ... - Oxfam America


Oxfam understands women's leadership as central to its work to promote gender ... J.M. Howell and B.J. Avolio, Transformational leadership, transactional.

Impact Investing: Who are we serving? A case of ... - Oxfam America


social enterprises such as Café Direct and market-based models such as Fairtrade,. Oxfam has tried to leverage the potential of entrepreneurs and markets to ...

Change not Charity: Essays on Oxfam America's first 40 years


Dodge, who had served in India as the youngest Peace Corps volunteer and in ... It was unusual that Brian Walker, director general of the British Oxfam, would ...

Beyond Viktor Bout: Why the United States Needs ... - Oxfam America


6 Oct 2011 ... Oxfam and many other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that ... Bout's airplanes at Ostend Airport, Belgium, were reportedly flying out.

Case Study: The Haiti Rural Broadband Initiative - Usenix


B. Low-Cost Wireless/WiFi Technology ... 802.11/WiFi, provide added benefit in that they are well ... also Navas-Sabater, Dymond, Juntunen, Telecommun-.

Gender Justice & the Extractive Industries: Setting ... - Oxfam America


Gender Justice & the Extractive Industries: Setting the Change Agenda. A Strategic Dialogue hosted by Oxfam America – EVENT REPORT. Panel 1 – Following ...

América Latina y el Caribe - Climate Bonds Initiative


El primer emisor de América Latina y el. Caribe (ALC) entró al mercado en 2014. La emisión en ALC representa el. 2% del volumen global de bonos verdes ...

Situación rural de América Latina y el Caribe con 2 grados de ... - FAO


2030 - Alimentación, agricultura y desarrollo rural en América Latina y el Caribe, No. 10. Santiago de Chile. FAO. 41 p. Licencia: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 IGO. En el ...

Rural dreams: Upward mobility in America's countryside - Brookings ...


In addition to the independent variables retrieved from Chetty and Hendren (2017), we include in our analysis two measures of net migration – the balance of in- ...

hard work, hard lives - Oxfam America


Many of America's working poor are stuck in jobs for which they are paid less than in their previous job, and an overwhelming majority believe that people are ...

Oxfam Annual Report 2010-2011 - Oxfam International


preuve de solidarité avec les plus démunis, et plus particulièrement avec les femmes, pour les aider à faire valoir leurs droits et leur dignité de citoyens.

Oxfam Strategic Plan, 2013-2019 - Oxfam International


It is the shared agenda for the confederation, from within which countries and other program teams will choose the approaches and themes of work that will ...

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Het verslag is bedoeld voor alle donoren, donateurs, relaties en geïnteresseerden en geeft inzicht in wat er met hun steun door Oxfam Novib bereikt is in 2005.

Oxfam Supermarkets Scorecard - Oxfam Digital Repository


21 Jun 2018 ... PLUS-Site/website- webshop/PLUS-website- webshop/nl_NL/. Contentpaginas/. Verantwoord/Ken%20de. Modern Slavery Statement. 2016/17.

Oxfam's Work on Mining, Oil, Gas, and Poverty - Oxfam International


Oxfam is a global organization working to ... America is a registered trademark of Oxfam America Inc., and the Oxfam logo is a registered trademark of Stichting.

Country Operating Model - Jobs at Oxfam - Oxfam GB


13 Mar 2020 ... JOB PURPOSE. • To profile Oxfam's work in national, regional and global media and in wider communications to support Oxfam's fundraising ...

event map book - Oxfam Trailwalker - Oxfam Australia


and Preparation Guide will help minimise risk to you and your team. We hope you enjoy Oxfam Trailwalker! See USING THIS MAP BOOK for details on the rating ...

History of Small Wind In Rural America - Small Wind Conference


Paris-Dunn Corporation. 1931 - 1949. 6, 12, 32, and 110 Volt. 135 to 1250 Watts. Page 65. Page 66. Windcharger. Corporation. 1927-1953. Started by Albers.

oxfam's partnership principles - Oxfam International


lasting solutions to poverty and injustice: Oxfam America (www.oxfamamerica.org). Oxfam Australia (www.oxfam.org.au). Oxfam-in-Belgium (www.oxfamsol.be).

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Job Purpose. The Food Distribution Manager will be responsible for overall coordination, management and implementation of Oxfam's food distribution activities ...

Oxfam Annual Report & Accounts - Oxfam GB


9 Feb 2020 ... In 2017/18, Oxfam GB spent £336.9m on charitable activities in ... The new trail will connect two villages, a health centre and a market.

handbook - Oxfam Trailwalker - Oxfam India


As an Oxfam Trailwalker volunteer, you will be seen ... Oxfam Trailwalker debuted in India in 2012 in Bengaluru ... Oxfam trailwalker 2017-2018. Volunteers for ...

Global surgery initiative in Greece: more than an essential initiative


3 Sep 2016 ... an initiative for the introduction of global surgery principles in Greece should take place. We declare no competing interests. *Demetrios Moris,.

smart and competitive rural areas - The European Network for Rural ...


The GO Eastbelgium website was visited 22 000 times by 16 500 different users, whilst the app was downloaded 1 200 times. According to the project leader, ...

Guaranteed Rural Housing - USDA Rural Development


Customer Service Center (CSC) Information. Priority Mail. Customer Service Center – USDA, Rural Development. 4300 Goodfellow Blvd., Bldg 105E, FC-225.

Oxfam annual report. - Oxfam GB


21 Jul 2015 ... Oxfam Council of Trustees (as at 31 March 2015 and 10 July 2015). Karen Brown (Chair)2, 3 ... 5,634. 8,552. Oxfam Belgium. 2,447. 3,090.

Oxfam & Partenaires - Oxfam-Solidarité


Avec 6 autres organisations, Oxfam a pu installer un hub humanitaire et distribuer aux migrants les vêtements de seconde main que vous avez été nombreux à ...