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pressed this in an intentionalist idiom,. "The film is not exhibitionist. I watch it, ... The hint ofjuridical discourse here intimates that film is on trial. But why?

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iconophobia - jstor


pressed this in an intentionalist idiom,. "The film is not exhibitionist. I watch it, ... The hint ofjuridical discourse here intimates that film is on trial. But why?

Out to Eat - jstor


Unheard of in the eighteenth century, restaurants became an integral part of New York City's public culture in the antebellum period. ... to shape a new public culture in nineteenth-century ... which straddled the line between the private world.

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So there is a great temptation in lying. It is the temptation to stop submitting - to reality, to obligations I bear to other peo- ple, to the past, to all the taboos I have ...

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SAYING YES. Griselda Gambaro. Translated by Joanne Pottlitzer. Characters: MAN. BARBER. (Interior of a barbershop. A window and a front door. A barber's ...

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Fiat Lux. Static from the radio stippled gray as anesthesia dream, band after band of voices, the luminous bar of speedometer, column shift. Cruising, the long ...

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Denolf à son tour, suggère que le terme Salampasu est plus ... 14 Denolf distingue un substrat de «vieux Salampasu», de petite taille, situés au ... (On plante l.

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The BrainBox. A new technological marvel has been developed at Columbia Univer- sity.* From basic research in cyber- netics (the field of control of com-.

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ment of the same population (Tzanoudakis 6258) was published by Tzanoudakis (1983) as A. meteoricum, differing only in a few more SAT-chromosomes. 5gm.

Companies: what are they? - jstor


THE CHAIRMAN: Arie de Geus made his career with Shell, mainly as an expatriate serving overseas in general management, but with his last seven years as ...

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Apparently, the "beefcake" (male nude) photographs were purchased by legitimate artists as a substitute for life models. Beefcake, a digest-sized publication, ...

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il écrivit un livre, que l'éditeur accepta et envoya comme exemplaire pour compte ... rêvées), apprentissage du goût et de la discrimination, apprentissage de la lecture et de la ... informations qui aideront ses lecteurs à se former un jugement.

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IN CHUCK PALAHNIUK'S LULLABY. FRANCISCO COLLADO-RODRIGUEZ. Introduction. A detailed analysis of Palahniuk's early novels, from Fight Club (1996) ...

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lels with those developed by Philippe Jaccottet, Pierre-Albert Jourdan,. Pierre Chappuis, and a few other French poets of the same generation as hers.

Never to Be Naught - jstor


2 Dec 2019 ... Never to be naught. IAN PACE explores the exciting, engaging and evolving world of Pascal Dusapin. P ASCAL DUSAPIN is to some extent an ...

Byron and - jstor


Byron and "the New Force of the People". By DAVID V. ERDMAN. He took part in popular movements of political emancipation less in the spirit of faith and hope ...

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lery Martin Bormann, a local Berlin official formally ... his junior. After the ceremony was over, the party was joined in Hitler's living room by a small group of ...

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matically recorded. A skilled musician then played with his right hand an Andante by. Mozart. This was followed by a study of his own composition which was ...

The End of the Seven against Thebes - jstor


Oedipus grew up to slay him, and the Sphinx came to Thebes. the city from the ... solet hic aut proximus deleri, sed praecipuus dolor nulli convenit nisi sororibus,.

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The Athenaeum*. ROMANTICISM IN GERMANY AND SECONDARILY IN FRANCE has been a political investment: with extremely diverse vicissitudes, as it was.

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Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth is an unusual adaptation. It joins two subjects that are not normally associated: comics and mathematics. By translating ...

Why Do You Cuss Me? - jstor


The widespread cultural contacts in the first ... the written evidence for these contacts, writ- ten as they must ... The text was published in autograph copy, trans-.

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Enemies Of Promise in American Life ^ow Contemporary Images. Publishing, Perishing ... a digitized scan, with editorial and bibliographical notes. This is a ... fWBfe^SS fi^NEVERLANDS IW^^^^I Ernest Hemingwayjames Salter,. Hg^^ Lacan ...

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6. vk 056,60. pc. Alex. in met. 55, 20-56, 4. (= p. 113-114 Ross). 'ApXi& >LV TIV ... 7rCpMtVeL T'6 .le&Xvo acu'rv ,&?XX 7rp6-. etaJv cE; &netLpLO &6pta-rov. 20 ...

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David's transfer of the ark from Kiriath-jearim to Jerusalem is often ... and Their Bearing on Old Testament Study," in Congress Volume: Leuven 1989 (ed.

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Studies in the Novel, Volume 29, number 2, Summer, 1997. Copyright ? ... tions: How do Emma's relationships with the various male and female characters in ...

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Gallery of Art, Mlle Bradi Barth's pic- tures, on show at Arthur Tooth and Son in the first half of June, would be ideal candidates. Dreams of Childhood, a milange.

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Louis Leopold Boilly cited Moving House (Les De- ... Jean Henri Marlet's Tableaux de Paris (1821-24), which ... Boilly's painting and Marlet's lithograph were.

What is Dry Exchange? - jstor


Belgian Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique, ... '3 Raymond de Roover, "Money, Banking, and. Credit in ... 32 Emile de Laveleye, "Origine historique de.

Roberto Ago - jstor


most recentJudgment of the International Court ofJustice, only a week before he died. Judge Ago, Professor Ago, President Ago, Roberto to his friends-he had ...

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Celina Huynh. Emma Interiano. Zachary Mowitz ... Carrie Hurner. Andrea Sommer. Genevieve Delfosse ... Celine Barbier. Valentin Bonnet. Mary Eloundou.

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Le Corniaud (dir. ... Arguably, multiple versions of Volpone co-exist laterally rather ... aspects, is so close to Zweigs that it has been published in France as co- ...

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universaliser la « francité ». Sara E. Melzer. ^ ^^ S? omment peut-on être Français ? » Voilà la question qu'examine cet essai. ^^ J'envisage cette question de ...

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Foucault. J'y vois non pas un système ou une école de pensée, mais un mouvement, et j'y inclus également le «post-structuralisme » de Derrida et de Deleuze, ...

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SUR LE POINT DE VUE. Michel Charles. A quel titre ? Il est d'usage, dans les médias, d'inviter, pour un débat, un naïf qui voudra bien poser des questions ...

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5 Nov 2019 ... triumphant example.3 Thirdly, though the map is rightly now regard ... On the Arma Christi rolls see R. H. Robbins, 'The "Arma Christi". Rolls' ...

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Stefano Kaoze et la langue francaise, in: Congo-Meuse (L'oeil de l'autre. Colloques ... Blanc ? 44. Le desir de devenir pretre transparait dans son discours lors du ... Vlaamsche leeuw ? et il aurait meme preche en neerlandais a Ostende. Au.