Some Drawings Attributed to Wouter Crabeth, the Glass ... - jstor

brother of Dirck, Wouter Crabeth, was present at the exhibition, because only ... Crispiaen van den Broecke anno 1570," Oud-Holland, LXI,. 1946, p. 107. For the ...

Some Drawings Attributed to Wouter Crabeth, the Glass ... - jstor - Gerelateerde documenten

Some Drawings Attributed to Wouter Crabeth, the Glass ... - jstor

brother of Dirck, Wouter Crabeth, was present at the exhibition, because only ... Crispiaen van den Broecke anno 1570," Oud-Holland, LXI,. 1946, p. 107. For the ...

De glazeniersfamilie Crabeth en hun werkzaamheden in Saint ... - jstor

activiteiten van Pieter Dircksz Crabeth en zijn zonen in Saint-Hubert ... getuige diens brief van 21 oktober 1518 aan Herman Busch, waarin hij de abt roemt ... het memorieraam voor Margaretha van Home (ca.1525) in de Sint-Jakobskerk ...

saints' lives attributed to nicholas bozon - jstor

Pur peyne dit ele de poy deour 30. Bien fet ... gent. Oreisone e penance. Ne sunt a nus fors sette e lance. Ore savez nos pr/veitez ... A dieu doner touz ses sens.

Colored Lead Glass and Aventurine Glass in Letters of Philipp ... - jstor

pher Merret and Johann Kunckel, on the other tory of Emperor Rudolf II's Kunstkammer, made ... wass anders zue formiern, vnnd wann man ime gleich gros Gelt.

Northern Renaissance Drawings and Underdrawings: A ... - jstor

Windsor Castle.19 Infrared reflectography has shown that the design of the pricking in the drawing does not match the specific arrangement of pounced dots ...


simple example about which there can be no doubt. The Villa. Savoye has, as a key feature of the design, a roughly U-shaped plan form to the ground floor (see ...

Brief Encounter: The Early Drawings of Jan Lievens and Their ... - jstor

sent him to Amsterdam to study with the renowned history painter Pieter Lastman (1583. 1633). Lievens remained in Lastman's studio until the winter of 1619-20, ...

Becoming Japanese: Manga, Children's Drawings, and the ... - jstor

When the types are combined for all four groups, 46 percent of Japanese children's drawings in the sample show the direct in fluence of manga. When this figure ...

Delacroix Drawings for the Decoration of the Salon du Roi - jstor

Teyler Stichting, Haarlem, which was added to a three-quarter length figure in full military trappings in order to complete Goltzius' I580 print of the. Portrait of ...

Simon de Vlieger as a Draftsman, II: Chalk Drawings Other ... - jstor

drawing is the influence of Roelandt Savery ... Vlieger became acquainted with Savery's work. ... Bredius, "De schilder Jan van de Cappelle," Oud-Holland,.

Drawings by Gaspar de Crayer from the Ghent Album - jstor

GASPAR DE CRAYER. FROM THE. GHENT ALBUM. Hans Vlieghe. In the small collection of drawings belonging to the Stedelijk Museum v. Schone Kunsten at ...

A Seventeenth-Century Album of Drawings by Marten de Vos - jstor

de Vos (1532-1603) was regarded as one of the most important painters in ... of the arch is depicted Th. Miraculous Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes (Luk.

Human Figure Drawings by Schooled and Unschooled ... - jstor

Province of Papua New Guinea (PNG). The ... last in PNG to be contacted by westerners, and the valley ... The child was then invited to reproduce the design in.

The People's Glass House - jstor

Jeffrey! Schnapp, Stanford University when commissioned in 1932 to design "a new and decorous Casa del. Fascio" for the city of Como, Giuseppe Terragni was ...

A New Species of Glass Frog (Anura: Centrolenidae) - jstor

MENZIES, J. I., AND M. J. TYLER. 1977. The system- ... ger I equal in length to Finger II; (16) liv- ... Una nue- va especie de Centrolenella (Anura: Centrolenidae).

Scandinavian ceramics and glass in the twentieth century - jstor

This is a booklist of selected titles at the Victoria &. Albert Museum ... the Twentieth Century Gallery, Victoria & Albert ... Diams. various, c.57-1989, given by the.

Flaked Glass Tools from the Andaman Islands and Australia - jstor

Flaked Glass Tools from the Andaman. Islands and Australia. ZARINE COOPER AND SANDRA BOWDLER. Between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries, ...

A 16th–17th-Century Glass Horn from Oudenburg ... - jstor

opening that narrows to a tubular shaft of 1.6–1.7 centimeters (Fig. 3). This opening has a straight edge that was created by cracking the piece off the blowpipe.

Remembrance of Things past: Stained Glass Spolia at ... - jstor

The Chartres Belle verriere is cer- tainly the ... (Bay III): pale thin glass, unpainted, leaded in vap- id abstract ... font of black Tournai stone situated beneath it.48.

16mm Pyrobel Fire Glass Data Sheet - Ravensby Glass | Dundee

red, AGC Flat Glass Europe has developed Pyrobelite, a new product thinner than Pyrobel but ... overseas markets : aGc flat Glass europe - Seneffe plant - tel.

as/nzs 4666 insulated glass unit (igu) drainage - Bent & Curved Glass

UNIT (IGU) DRAINAGE. 1. Version 1 Released June 2019. Insulating Glass Units (IGUs) are becoming an increasingly popular choice among Australian ...

Pyrobel Fire resistant glass brochure - Carlen Glass

AGC Glass Europe – plant Seneffe, Parc industriel, Zone C, B-7180 Seneffe, Belgium, [email protected], Tel.: 32 64 51 05 19, Fax: 32 64 55 80 80.

champagne by the glass wine by the glass & 1/2 btl carafe fine ...

'BdB' refers to Blanc de Blancs, where Chardonnay is the only grape used ... our list by the glass! Email [email protected] for more information ...

Luxuriant Gems of the Spring and Autumn. Attributed to ... - CUHK

Luxuriant Gems of the Spring and Autumn. Attributed to Dong Zhongshu. Edited and translated by Sarah A. Queen and John S. Major. New York: Columbia ...


A web-based trimming and shim- ming software is available. It enables the quick optimization of the thick- ness uniformity of single layers. Upon request, an online ...

Bayesian Robust Attributed Graph Clustering - Semantic Scholar

tering that accounts for partial anomalies: i.e., a node may be corrupted in one ... that realizes robust clustering for attributed graphs fol- lowing a power law ... of the ELBO for the. CORA dataset per iteration. ... PlayStation 3. Nintendo 3DS.

designing your own art glass - Bullseye Glass Co.

Working with a palette of glass frit, powder, and ... As you practice these simple techniques, you ... about basic kilnforming, visit to watch.

Breaking Joy Division's "Glass": Reading Song Lyrics as ... - jstor

Curtis, laying much emphasis on his reading and literary influences. Deborah Curtis even states in her "Foreword," perhaps somewhat tongue in cheek, that she ...

Guide to Saints and Symbols in Stained Glass - Stained Glass Inc.

a rooster, or holding a book. Simon the fisherman, first ... Thomas More is depicted as a. Renaissance man ... with a rooster or lion, also holding a book. May be ...

Laboratory Glass - VTR glass

8003/10000 60/46. 10000. 60/46. 279. 400. 1. A. 121°C. 1. 1. 2. Flask, with flat bottom and SJ. Stehkolben mit NS. Matraz de fondo plano, con empalme ...

Wouter Kik -

4 maart 2016 ... in 1953, staat boerenzoon Wouter Kik achter de kachel van. De Vierbannen. Een combinatie van brasserie, restaurant, terras en zalen.

Sprokkelingen - WMe by Wouter Meeus

25 juni 2003 ... De meeste meubels werden door hun makers, die zich ... Op 27 april 2003 overleed op 47-jarige leeftijd Tilly Vangeneugden, echtgenote.

Gebak - Wouter Leenders

te hebben, en kneedt het deeg ongeveer 1 uur, daarna wordt het gebakken, met boter besmeerd in een zeer warmen oven. Men kan er ook kleine taartjes van.

wouter - Pixel Brand

Abs kopiecenter Antwerp. Internship Digital press. EDUCATION. 2018. Geninc, Raw Talent, Antwerp. Direct sales & Entrepreneurship. 2015-2017. Encora ...

Wouter Torfs - Okra

29 jan 2014 ... Wouter Torfs daar niet meteen gelukkig van. ... lijke ceo voor Torfs zijn van binnen ... Dendermonde Bogaerdstraat 33, 9200 Dendermonde,.

speech van Wouter De Geest - Voka

6 jan 2020 ... ... Wouter De Geest. Voka Nieuwjaar 2020. 6 januari, Bozar, Brussel ... Maar Voka verwacht wel dat de Vlaamse regering NU overgaat van plan ...