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The Hassle Factor Index was created to help identify obstacles impeding success. Using this index, physicians can quantify, detect and resolve hassle factors, ...

The HASSLE Scale


The HASSLE Scale: Measuring Consumer. Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction with the Complaint Resolution Process. Michael D. Richard, PhD. Dee Dee Hicks, MBA.

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Hassle lines are a well established method of giving your workshop participants the opportunity to explore their own emotional response to direct action.

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The Hassle Log should be seen as a platform for learning. If students record negative experiences about their anger – this is an opportunity to address what ...

Hassle-Free Fill Program


It's important to take your maintenance medication (medication you take regularly) as your doctor prescribed, but refills and pharmacy trips can be a hassle.

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Hassle Free Return. *Generators can only be run for no more than 2 hours at a time. $99per night. Vehicle Cleaning $800.00. Labor Day Drop Off $300.00.

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The hassle factor Andreas Schotter and Paul W Beamish. 522 on the economic benefits for the firm (Buckley, impact on MNE location choices. We first con.

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where consumers can search for lower prices but have to incur hassle costs if they want to claim a price guarantee. It is shown that symmetric equilibria with and ...