This paper reviews the development of the Mission Adaptive Digital Composite. Aerostructures Technologies (MADCAT) v0 demonstrator aircraft, utilizing a ...

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This paper reviews the development of the Mission Adaptive Digital Composite. Aerostructures Technologies (MADCAT) v0 demonstrator aircraft, utilizing a ...

Vision-21 - NTRS - NASA

Vision-21. Interdisciplinary. Science and. Engineering in the Era of Cyberspace. Proceedings of a symposium cosponsored by the. NASA Lewis Research.

Geodynamics - NTRS - NASA

15 Feb 1983 ... In 1977, NASA initiated a Geodynamics. Program to continue and to emphasize solid Earth research formerly conducted as part of the Earth.

A Reproduced Copy - NTRS - NASA

o Each night shift must b_ followed by 24 hoursof free time. o Each shift plan ... perform_es assessment tool wm used to provide clear 6ireetimt end re.hack to tim.


merits and benefits of continued NEXT technology development. The second phase of the project began in October 2003, and is now in the midst of completing ...

Calcium and Gravitropism - NTRS - NASA

and Myldes,. D. L. (1994). Calcium-dependent proteinase activity in root cultures of Arabidopsis. Biochem. Biophys.

Human Exploration of Phobos - NTRS - NASA

RESULTS: The driving consideration for habitat location (Phobos surface versus orbital) was radiation exposure, with an estimated reduction in cumulative mission ...

Measuring Positions of Objects Using Two or More ... - NTRS - NASA

Glenn Research Center and Russel Gemeiner of QSS Group, Inc. Further information is contained in a TSP (see page 1). Inquiries concerning rights for the com-.

package drawing report - NTRS - NASA

19 Jan 2015 ... 3. This satellite does not transmit directly in the GMI 18 GHz band. interference possibly caused by a 5 th.

Nuclear Pulse Propulsion - NTRS - NASA

project. code-named Orion. featured an extraordinary propulsion method known as Niiclear Pulse. Pni,n:rlsioti. The concept is probably as radical todaj as It was ...

Mission to the Gravitational Focus of the Sun - NTRS - NASA

One example of such a mission would be to use the gravitational lens to image an extrasolar planet around a nearby star. The practical difficulties with this concept ...

Magnetohydrodynamics Accelerator Research Into ... - NTRS - NASA

Suhre, D.R. and Verdeyen,. J.T., Journal Applied. Physics,. Vol. 47, 1976, p. ... of a Clark CMB-6 5-stage air compressor, twin-tower desiccant drier, and 14.5 ...

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Requires strin'gent quality control . -~ Requires ... Hi-LoK* Threaded Fastener. " LI. The Hi-LoK lockbolt,has either a countersunk or a protruding manufactured ...

Flight Results of the HST SM4 Relative Navigation ... - NTRS - NASA

Bo Naasz, John Van Eepoel, Steve Queen, C. Michael Southward, Joel Hannah. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). 33 rd. ANNUAL AAS GUIDANCE ...

analysis of fatigue crack propagation - NTRS - NASA

If a material element is far away from a crack tip, the cyclic ... Equations (5) give good approximations of the elastic stresses, only if the ... 0 62 KSI; cry, 91 KSI;.


investigators of the debond behavior have used different kinds of adherend and adhesive thicknesses in DCB specimens in their studies. Whereas considerable ...

of Large 'Complex Linear Systems - NTRS - NASA

(In- UyTB-1)B. AB-1 =(In - UyTB-l). :. AB- 1U. =:' (u-UyTB-1U). :. AB-1U. = (Ur-yTB-lu). :. (I r. - yTB-1 U) = U AB-1U. Thus we have proved the validity of equation ...

Emily M. Willis and Dr. Maria ZA Pour, ECE ... - NTRS - NASA

Emily M. Willis and Dr. Maria Z. A. Pour, ECE Department. Introduction. Key Findings/Results. Conclusions. Concept. Acknowledgements. Power losses, surface ...

Fundamentals of Fluid Film Lubrication - NTRS - NASA

pressure is similar to the ambient pressure surrounding the bearing, and in these cases gas liberation will maintain the pressure in the diver- gent clearance.

a study of crack closure in fatigue - NTRS - NASA

Crack Measurement. 39. 5. Schematic Diagram of Environmental Control System. 40. 6 ... cry transverse stress erys yield strength. Txy shear stress. <j)(x,y) Airy's stress function vf. harmonic ... Thus far, no independent verification of this result.

CFD Simulations for Arc-Jet Panel Testing Capability ... - NTRS - Nasa

Simulation results for TIHF-1 and TIHF-2 semi-elliptical nozzle options at one facility condition. - po = 900 kPa, ho = 26 MJ/kg, 5% Ar in air. - Approximately the ...

Design of the Cruise and Flap Airfoil for the X-57 ... - NTRS - NASA

5 Jun 2017 ... to determine the impact of high-lift propeller diameter to wing chord ratio on ... very little difference between the pitching moments of the three ...

An Indirect Method for Numerical Optimization Using ... - NTRS - NASA

PARAMETERS: IFSCL. -- Pointer to the beginning of the objective function scaling vector. IFOFF. -- Pointer to the beginning of the objective function offset vector.

AirShow 1.0 CFD Software Users' Guide - NTRS - NASA

In Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), the engineer requires software to display computational grids and the flow solutions computed on those grids. AirShow is ...

Preliminary Radiation Testing of a State-of-the-Art ... - NTRS - NASA

Abstract— Hardness assurance test results of Intel state-of- ... software stress testing, test method. ... Burn-in Test, OpenGL Benchmark and GPU Temperature,.

Crew Factors in Flight Operations - NTRS - NASA

4 Aug 1986 ... that communication is a good predictor of overall crew performance. Further analyses suggested that the primary cause of this pattern of results.

flow and heat transfer in a curved channel - NTRS - NASA

2 heat-transfer surface area cross-sectional area of channel local friction coefficient pressure coefficient. Preston-tube diameter internal pipe diameter or channel ...

The Accidental Tide Gauge: A GPS Reflection Case ... - NTRS - NASA

Photograph of PBAY GPS site at low and high tides. multipath studies is the use of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) data instead of the carrier phase data used for ...

A Survey of Nonuniform Inflow Models for Rotorcraft ... - NTRS - NASA

of a generic helicopter mathematical model for ... At the heart of the helicopter ... L.E.. Voo = 53 mph. LAT. DISTANCE. TO. STB'D. []. 0.25R. O. 0.30R. O. 0.40R. Q.

Fast Kalman Filtering for Relative Spacecraft ... - NTRS - NASA

Joseph M Galante, John Van Eepoel,. Chris D'Souza, and Bryan Patrick 2020-03-05T04:53:43 00:00Z ...

Industrial Design in Aerospace/Role of Aesthetics - NTRS - NASA

1 Aug 2006 ... Atmospheric Flight – Appearance/esthetics in aerospace design must at ... Airline Passenger Cabins – The prime esthetic elements within the ...

in thick welded plates of inconel 718 at room and ... - NTRS - NASA

CRACK-GROWTH TEST RESULTS FOR EB AND PAW-GTA. WELDED INCONEL 718 ... 5. Joint configuration and weld parameters for PAW-GTA welds.

Glenn Research Center Low Temperature Life ... - NTRS - NASA

... and unmanned missions. (Cont.) *Affiliation: NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH ... Gemeiner of QSS Group, Marshall Smart of. NASA JPL, and Rob ...

Masses, Radii, and Cloud Properties of the HR 8799 ... - NTRS - NASA

study of the HR 8799 planets, particularly regarding the clouds and inferred planet radii. In succeeding sections we explore the nature of clouds in low mass ...